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    I'm down for Boston too.


      Originally posted by idvsego View Post
      We used to do this in my car forums and it was always good to put faces to names. I also found that people were more civil when they had looked you in the eye at some point. That isnt really a problem around here though. I swear if we have one in my area I am wearing sweatpants and a tshirt to the first one though.
      When I was living in NYC, I went to a number of meet-ups with a bunch of guys from my car audio forums as well. Always had a good time. It's nice to meet and hang out with people who have a common interest whom you periodically or regularly interact with online already.

      Closest one would be Boston for me, but since I live over an hour away, it's doubtful that I'd actually be able to make it down. I'm sure it would be a good time though.


        There are good options in the Midwest, too. Madison, WI, is a beautiful town. Minneapolis is great. Perhaps consider something more central?


          Meet up's a good idea, by the way. Cooler to meet and talk to people in real life than online and especially when they're not around to respond, e.g.,

          One of the comments I thought was pretty funny - "He doesn't abide by (what I deem to be) the unofficial dappered threads rule - if you can't say it to their face, don't say it all." LOL! Yep, I admit I was snarky, but probably not any more so than I am with a lot of people in real life. I work on a college campus and I see a lot of bullshit fashion among my colleagues, and seriously, if I know the person at all, I'll let him or her know if what they're wearing is particularly deserving of ridicule, and I have no problem calling them on it to their face.

          Nevertheless, I still love everyone, and I mean, everyone, here. We are all just doing the best we can.
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            Originally posted by zcm View Post
            All attire would be welcome! except black suits. f*ck black suits...

            Seriously though, I would enjoy meeting some of you folks. If there are any other DC and or Pittsburgh people on here that would interested LMK.
            DC in the house.
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              After a quick scroll through and search, I don't see anything about a potential Chicago meet-up...I'd definitely be up for a Chicago meeting/dapper boozing.