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Work is always so interesting

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    Work is always so interesting

    I have a told you so moment today. I told them the photo of the campus through the red-filter looked like a scene from a horror movie. I told them not to use it to promote donor giving on Facebook because it basically screams, "Give us money, or the students die." But no, don't listen to the social media director. I don't have any sense for what works and doesn't work. Nope, just do what you want.

    Let's review our responses, okay? "Reminds me of the production design for that 80s classic Night of the Comet." "Which instagram filter is this? Hellmouth or Satanic?" "#MarketingFail." "Children of the Corn." "Looks like a horror movie picture..."

    Sigh. Why do I even try.

    So how's your day been?

    ha, that's funny. I had a similar moment. long story short a group of people used a room in our building at the last minute. I asked them to leave the equipment in working order but warned my boss it likely wouldn't be. Today rolls around and sure enough...missing equipment, broken stuff, etc. Didnt bother me, I had already decided I was blocking off the afternoon to clean up after them. But if everybody took care of the stuff, I wouldn't have a job.