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Rant: What do you guys think of selfies?

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    Originally posted by chief113 View Post
    Part of the reason I never tried it. Also because it just seems like such a tremendous waste of time.
    Yep. Never bought into the social media hype. Can't stand Facebook, plus I have a hangup about my privacy.


      Same here.


        I do use Facebook (for attending and creating events) and Instagram (less and less these days). For 95% of the people social media is really just a tool to try and appear as if your life is awesome. I much more enjoy people that post funny or interesting stuff, over the over abundance of selfie/food-pic/me-holding-someone-im-not-related-tos-baby. If you are a man posting selfies of you shirtless in the mirror and/or of your "just woke up" face I have immediately lost all respect for you*. Also, if you are too busy trying to set up a pic to post on Instagram than to just enjoy what you are experiencing, you've gone too far.

        *unless we were already good friends before, then I will simply give you relentless amounts of shit for it.


          Probably a little OT, or maybe it goes in the cool pic thread, but I can remember doing this. Texting in the classroom before there was texting.