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    I don't think we have brought this up on the blog so here we go. Hair, how do you keep it? Who cuts it? What hair products do you use?

    Personally I'm probably the outcast of the thread. I keep messy hair in the style of Zach Efron or Ewan McGregor recently. But I'm pretty young 20, I have extremely thick Brown hair. I use Axe messy/whatever hair paste for shape and then American Classic Pomade when my hair is too dry or frizzy helps break up my hair.


    Not an outcast at all. I have crazy-thick brown hair that will literally stand on end if it's not tamed with clever cutting and some product. It's hard to describe my hairstyle, but I'd say I have the same hair as Daniel Craig-- short, sticks way out front like a visor. It only will look decent with some control, otherwise it's a thick mess.

    That said, I visit my neighborhood barber ($15 bucks before tip), which is definitely not a Supercuts, just a local place where you know the staff and get the same cut from the same person. I make sure to tell them to thin it out with thinning shears and keep the top/back and sides not too short otherwise it'll stick straight out.

    For product (the Internet is anonymous, so I'm not afraid to admit), I've used a soy pomade from HealthySexyHair for about 8 years. I've used this stuff religiously. No grease, no stiffness, and no smell. You emulsify a pea-sized bit in your palm and apply it to your hair and it will go where you want it to. Gives pretty damn sharp texture and separation.



      I use a pair of Wahl electric clippers and cut my hair using a number two guard all the way around every Saturday.



        I visit my local barber shop every three or four weeks. Preferably three, but sometimes I just can't get that to work with my schedule. The guys there are awesome and clean up the edges with a straight razor.

        My hair has a wave to it that can either curl or frizz depending on humidity levels, so after I wash and dry it, I use a tiny dab of American Crew Grooming Cream (waxy pomade). Just a tiny amount on my fingertips so I can lightly brush it on here and there to keep things under control.



          My hair is very fine and straight, so I keep it trim on the sides, longer on the top.

          I use Crew Fiber (no shine, medium hold). It allows my hair to get real messy and look good, takes about thirty seconds. Grab some, rub it between my fingers and mess my hair up, push it down in the back a bit, slide my hand through the front and off to a side, and bam I'm done.



            I rock the sorta fauxhawk thing - a few pics in my FB profile


            I've been using the same stylist for almost 7 years now. I've gone through a range of styling products but my current is the GO247 Styling Cream. It has a pleasant smell, decent hold, and washes out easily.