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    Yeah, Girl w/ the dragon tatoo was an excellent movie, I actually liked it better than the original....but the last movie I saw was Chronicle. It was surprisingly good, and had an interesting take on the superpower/hero theme, it did feel a little rushed at some parts but overall I'd recommend it



      Drive, The Ides of March, Moneyball



        I saw "The Dead" last night. It's a zombie movie... in Africa.

        There were some tense moments, but generaly not as unnerving as some other zombie movies. These were the slow kind of zombies, and it wasn't uncommon for the protagonists to just jog away from or even outwalk the zombies.

        The scary moments came at night or in close quarters where they could get up on you without you knowing it and escape was difficult. Since the zombies move so slowly, they're rather quiet. Plus, since the whole movie takes place in Africa, most of the landscape is open and zombies will come in from every direction.

        It's an interesting take on the genre.

        P.S. Lots of chewing. Not crazy, flesh-tearing chewing (though there is some of that). Mostly just taking-a-bite-out-of-a-burger kind of chewing.



          Ides of March. George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. Pretty good film, you guys should check it out.

          I'd also recommend 50/50




            Absolutely loved it. HUGE baseball fan, although you don't need to be one to enjoy this movie. Root for the underdog, overcoming great odds type of movie. My type of flick



              50/50: Just watched it last night. It's a shame that it didn't get a single Oscar nomination. It's easily deserving in a few categories. It's somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster (from hilarity to heartbreak), but it never feels forced or manipulative, just honest and genuine. Warning: you'll probably want to call you mom and/or best friend afterwards.

              Drive: I enjoyed it. It's definitely a bit slow in parts (it's not or everyone), but the style of the movie kept me gripped. If nothing else, the opening cat and mouse car chase scene was awesome.

              Crazy, Stupid, Love: Surprisingly great. It's good enough to justify a watch without the girlfriend/wife/date, but if you're not motivated enough to watch it by yourself, definitely keep it in mind for sometime your lady says she wants to watch a "chick flick."




                A nice bit of retro homage styling and a spark of brutality, the film had me all the way through. Carey Mulligan and Ryan Gosling share few lines, but you can completely get the tone that their eyes set. It all has a satisfying excitement played into an artistically smart mood. It is fun by having so much look and feel right with glimpses of deep wrong dropping in to spoil the up and up that comes from Gosling's relationship with his neighbors.

                I enjoyed it and it overall felt like a film that knows how to be effortlessly cool.



                  @Cannon Check out this review if you haven't seen it:

                  Drive was my favorite film from last year. Love Ryan Gosling now.



                    @VespaMatt Great review. I think that she is pretty right when she wrote, 'like a less-campy Tarantino ?ick.' Definitely has that unique art, heavy with reference and homage, and twisted enough to be its own unique film.

                    Thanks for the link and glad you enjoyed it too.



                      Raiders of the Lost Ark. For the first time! Now I'm trying to make time for the sequels.



                        The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

                        I enjoyed the film very much for its 60s Hollywood charm. It has the lure of using some of the biggest stars of the era in a romanticized investigation and an engaging plot. Faye Dunaway is a longtime favorite of mine thanks to Chinatown and Bonnie & Clyde. Steve McQueen shows off one of his many performances that make him just so cool to watch. Definitely worth a watch and a great example of a classic movie.



                          I don't think I saw a single movie released in 2011 until recently...first up, saw Drive. Engaging and stylish to be sure, but I thought it was kind of shallow as far as telling a compelling story, and overall not particularly memorable. Maybe I'm just too old-fashioned? Anywho, saw Moneyball not long after and I enjoyed it, but it felt a bit meandering and wasn't as satisfying as the book.



                            I cannot recommend "Take Shelter" highly enough. One of the most well-acted films I've ever seen. Anyone else seen it? I'd love to hear other people's interpretation of the ending.



                              Raining here in Chicago so the satellites out. Watching Drive for the first time. I know a lot of board members liked the wardrobes.



                                Saw "Jeff, Who Lives at Home" last night.

                                It was surprisingly good. I'm a huge fan of the Duplass Brothers directing duo. They always churn out heart felt dramedies that make you laugh on second and then cry the next (and not in a chick flick way). Plus it has Jason Segel (bringing the funnies).

                                Basically a guy goes on an adventure and finds his place in the world. Bam.