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    Forsale forum opinion.

    Hello dappered. I have a suggestion for the forsale forum. Seeing people post something forsale with only one or a couple posts worries me a little bit. I suggest a few changes.

    Minimum 50 posts to list something for sale.
    Your location
    Picture of actual item not a stock photo graph.

    Haven't heard of anyone getting scammed here but as the forum grows I'm sure people will join for personal gain and start scamming.

    Brent, I like this idea. I'll bring it up with the team. Thank you.


      If possible, I'd suggest blocking 'For Sale' posts to newly registered folks. I probably have a lot of posts because I like to talk a lot, even though I'm new. But there are a lot of lurkers here, or Dappered readers who don't come into the forums often, and it would be a shame to penalize them.

      An alternative, if the forum code supports it, would be requiring Moderator approval to publish for someone below the post/account age threshold.

      It doesn't look like scams run rampant, and I think everybody on the internet knows to beware someone with a Join Date of today and 1 post.


        Another thing I'll add is the ability to edit older where something sells, or we change the price. This would make it much easier than bumping a thread.


          The ideas posted by Marathon, McAdam and Brent are all good. I've seen such rules work on other forums (all watch related) where I have sold and bought some items.

          May I suggest that forum rules by made a "Sticky" per forum section?

          Before posting an item I was looking to sell, I looked for the rules on posting in that section and came up empty. My post was sent to a mod for approval and it appears that I now know why it never showed.