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NEW: [REVIEW] tag. Review your clothes!

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    NEW: [REVIEW] tag. Review your clothes!

    Dapperedites, review your clothes!

    Local ideas man and eccentric billionaire ajk170 came up with a great recommendation that we are implementing as of today. From now on, moderators will add a review tag to any thread that reviews a product. We will also edit the title of review threads to include the following prefix:


    The review tag will allow users to search for reviews using the advanced search. To do this, write the word review in the tag field of the advanced search.

    By default, all reviews will show up. You can narrow down your search by adding a keyword. For example, if you put tyrwhitt in the keyword field and review in the tag field you will get all reviews of Charles Tyrwhitt products.

    You can also click here to view all reviews.

    I'd like to thank ajk170 for the great idea, and I encourage all forum members to write reviews!

    Which forum would you like the review threads posted in? I'm assuming clothes but since you posted this under 'other', it threw me off a bit.


      Vicious49, you can post reviews in any subforum and they will show up in a tag search for "review". We organized it this way so that someone can review a brand in the Dealers and Manufacturers subforum, clothing in the Clothing, Shoes, Watches, Etc. subforum, or even post a review of a favorite style blog in the Other subforum.

      Your point about this being in the Other forum is well made. I'll move it to the Guidelines area.


        Glad to see this made prime-time! I've been busy at work and just recently got back to surfing. This is a unique way to do this- hope it helps people! My question is, does the thread itself have to be dedicated to one review (an the ensuing discussion as well) in order for the Mods to title the thread "Review" or if threads have a review of a product as a result in a discussion does that thread get a "Review" tag? My gut tells me it's the former and not the latter. Thanks again!
        Last edited by ajk170; May 16, 2013, 10:20 PM.