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    I could probably wear that 16.5/36 though I have never tried a BB shirt on before....and I really shouldn't be spending any more money on clothes right now. Who knows though I may have a weak moment



      It's got a name in the collar, but that wouldn't stop me, so don't let it stop you



        Name doesn't bother me unless it was going to transfer to my neck, haha.

        I'm a bit apprehensive having never tried on a BB shirt before, but I could use a shirt in that style.

        It doesn't say what type of fit it is, do you know? What sort of price range with shipping does this sort of stuff fall into generally?

        Thanks Jason.



          I think it's their regular fit, not slim fit, so it's probably a little boxy, although probably not as bad as most department store shirts. I could do $15 shipped.



            Thanks Jason, I'll have to think about that. Maybe I'll see if I can try on a regular fit BB shirt to see how they fit me.

            I already have enough shirts that are too big on me, so I need to be careful.

            EDIT: actually I just realized I need to return something at a mall that also has the closest BB store to me, so I should be able to give it a shot.



              Jason, I went to Brooks Brothers this evening, they were helpful and let me try on a bunch of shirts.

              Turns out the 16.5 in the regular fit is huge on me through the body.

              The best fit out of all the shirts I tried was actually the 17/35 in the extra slim fit. Don't suppose you have any of those?

              I'm sure the extra slim fit is a lot less common so I guess that's unlikely.

              I did see a shirt that looked a lot like the one you have for sale and it was very nice.

              It looked like they only had those in S-M-L sizing though.

              Tomorrow they are supposed to have seasonal items on sale.



                Nope, don't have any extra slim fit. I think all the ones I picked up were regular. No problem. If I see any 17/35 extra slim I'll let you know.



                  I read this with interest but could not get the link to function. Can anyone help me figure out my ignorance on this one? I have been wanting to try their shirts out and this seems like a great way to do it. thanks!