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Bruschetta's college clothing sale - excitement not guaranteed!

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    Bruschetta's college clothing sale - excitement not guaranteed!

    For your amusement, these shirts have been sitting in my closet (unworn) for at least a year (in reality it's probably been 2-3 years). I'd like to get them out of the house.

    If you're interested, please just reply to this thread with your email address and the item you want to purchase. That way there's an open and "official" record of who claimed something first. I'll edit / update this thread as I take pictures of more clothes from my younger and less conservative days.

    Shirt #1: Banana Republic, Slim Fit, sport's shirt, like new, $5 + shipping.

    Shirt #2: Banana Republic, Slim Fit, sport's shirt, like new, $5 + shipping.

    Shirt #3: Banana Republic, Slim Fit, Chambray, like new - I have two of these. $5 + shipping.

    Shirt #4 & #5: Patagonia, Small, short sleeve, heavy wear - I will ship these shirts to you for $0 + shipping if you are a college student. i.e. The cost of shipping.

    Shirt #6: J.Crew. Medium, long sleeve, moderate wear. I'll ship this shirt to you for $0 + shipping if you're a college student.

    Shirt #7: Banana Republic, Slim Fit, like new, $5 + shipping.


    Nice deals Brushetta! I'll take 3, 6 and 7!



      Hmm. I'll call dibs on #1 and/or #7. If there is a lot of interest I'd definitely be willing to part with one of them so the wealth can be spread.



        Lol. Ok then so I guess I'll be #1.



          Acoustic & Jose, please send me an email at nmavantgarde at yahoo dot com.

          This makes me wish that I had known about Dappered ~a year ago when I donated a wardrobe full of Brooks Brothers and J. Crew. You guys would have made off like bandits.



            If acoustic passes on 6 u got another buyer

            "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"



              Ooops sorry about that brushetta, forgot to include email. E-mail to your yahoo sent.



                Two new items:

                Two pairs of J. Crew khakis. I don't know what the fit on these was called, but they fit fairly slim. They're from at least 2 years ago. I wore them to a convention and then decided that I'm not a khakis guy. They've been sitting in my closet ever since. $5 each + shipping.

                Edit: I should add that my normal waist size is 31" and these 33" J Crews fit me snugly. They're slim!

                Patagonia sports shirt, medium. Standard fit (not slim fit). Good condition - this thing will last a lifetime. I've (strangely) lost weight since college and this shirt is too baggy for me. $5 + shipping.



                  I'd like the other shirt for #3, [email protected]



                    amiller, Acoustic actually got both of the chambray shirts for $5. Sorry!



                      now kicking myself for not seeing this sooner. nice stuff though, and great prices. if we could get all S&S posts to be this good, I'd be a happy camper.



                        Yeah, I wish I had been around when it was posted. Oh well.



                          Ben and Jason, Sorry! I'll update this thread as I go through more of my old clothes. My goal is to clear all of my old clothes out of my closet by the end of the year.



                            Hi Bruschetta, Can you remove the items as they are sold? I was looking through it myself and wanted the chambray shirts until i saw someone else bought it Also, I'm implementing a new rule, moderators get first dibs on stuff here




                              I don't think we can edit posts older than an hour. Also, how does one become a moderator on here?