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FS: English Bridle Leather Laptop Briefcase

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    FS: English Bridle Leather Laptop Briefcase

    I a 28 year old guy from Lancaster County, PA. I recently started working on developing a line of fashionable, affordable and useful leather products.

    I have the privilege of having strong connections with the Amish community in Lancaster, as my parents are former Amish. I have found a premium leather craftsman in Lancaster. This bag is the first item we have created.

    It is made of English Bridle Leather, sourced from North American steers and tanned in Northern PA.

    The Amish craftsman has his work shop in the loft of his horse barn. His machinery is antiqued and air powered. His light is either natural or from a gas lamp. He is a true artist and creates great work. I am lucky to have the honor of working with such a true craftsman.

    Each bag is currently $250. $25 for shipping. You can buy one at my Etsy store:

    13.5" W x 10" H x 3" D

    But more so, I'd like to hear peoples thoughts on the design and style of the bag.

    Pics below. More on Etsy:

    These look very nice to my untrained eye (particularly the darker one - but that may just be my irrational distaste for brass talking). They are maybe a little small, but I like the design.


      I definitely like the styling of the case and the leather seems like it will stand the test of time. The detailing on the handle and shoulder strap looks amazing as well as the stitching. The hardware is lacking a bit IMO. I don't know what I would prefer better, I'm just not 100% sold on what's there. Maybe a bit more industrial. Part of the issue with the hardware may be because it appears out of proportion to the case itself. Which leads me to the bigger issue which is that it's too small. The majority of buyers for a case like this will demand that it hold at least a 15" laptop in addition to a notepad and a few file folders. If you can post a picture with a person in it, it will be easier to understand the size.

      It's a great start and the attention to detail puts it a large step ahead of similar product on Etsy. The colors look solid, though a natural tan would be a warmly welcomed addition. If you can size it up a bit, and tweak the hardware, I think you might be able to find a good chunk of buyers to keep your craftman busy. Good Luck and keep us posted!


        I thought the For Sale section was for Members selling items informally, not for shops to market? If corporate sellers want to list their products, they should buy an ad.