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JCP Stafford Camlin Wingtip Boots for sale

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    JCP Stafford Camlin Wingtip Boots for sale

    As part of the thinning-out of my closet, I have my pair of Stafford Camlin wingtip boots up for sale over on eBay. These have never been worn outside and only once inside the house. I bought them back when Joe reviewed them in 2012 (see it here-

    The reason I never wore these was two-fold. 1) I also bought a pair of AE walnut Strands at the same time and 2) We moved down south back in 2013 and never needed a second pair for bad weather. Consequently, I never wore them out but have maintained them with Saphir shoe cream and renovateur while using shoe trees and boot bags while in the closet. The toe box doesn’t have any noticeable creases and the footbed doesn’t even have an impression so these are ready to break-in!

    Unfortunately, I do not have the original box but will include the boot bags I’ve used over the years.

    Thanks and good luck!
    Plus how they compare to another cheap brogue boot favorite.
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    Thanks for everyone that looked and showed interest- item sold.


      Hi Dappered Crew- these have been re-listed backup on eBay if anyone wants a second chance on them! They are a great boot and practically brand new! I don’t have the original Stafford box but will provide boot bags! Cheers!