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    Originally posted by jonATL View Post
    I made the Put This On Ebay roundup. FINALLY.


      The 40 R Gucci is tempting. I know I've flip flopped in the past on things I didn't necessarily need, but I don't own a quality grey blazer. I'm going to go home tonight and measure my better-fitting jackets. If it fits, I'm bidding.


        These aren't on ebay yet, so let me know if you have any interest.

        Everything below measures out to a 39 R/S, with the blazer being a bit shorter than the others.

        Esteemed Italian manufacturer Saint Andrews makes clothes for Ralph Lauren Purple Label and a host of other high-end brands. (A Cashmere RLPL three-piece suit listed in this forum just went for 510 pounds on ebay.)

        Here are three examples of perfect Saint Andrews tailoring direct from the source for a fraction of what RLPL will cost.

        If you think my low prices are too high, shoot me an offer.

        All are fully canvassed and made in Italy with all the bells and whistles expected from high-quality Italian garments.
        These were purchased at Guffey's in Atlanta.

        Both suits have double pleats, no belt loops and 2-inch cuffs.

        1. Tan/brown POW suit, tagged EU 49/Drop 6.
        2-button, center vent with working cuffs.

        100% Wool.

        $250. Free shipping in CONUS.

        P2p: 21
        Sleeve: 22 ½
        Shoulder: 18 ¾
        Length: 29 ¾

        Waist: 16.5 (+2)
        Inseam: 27 3/4 (+1)

        2. Gray Pinstripe suit, tagged EU 49 R/Drop 6.
        2-button, center vent with working cuffs.

        100% CASHMERE (This is not wooly cashmere. I could easily wear this suit in Atlanta in the spring/early summer.)

        $400. Free shipping in CONUS.

        p2p: 20 1/2
        sleeve: 22 ¾
        shoulder: 18 ¼
        length: 29 3/4

        Waist: 16.5
        Inseam: 27 ¾ (+1)

        3. St. Andrews sportcoat, tagged 49 R (measures on the short side)
        2-button, center vent with working cuffs.

        Slik/wool blend

        - Has two picks in the fabric that will need to be repaired.

        $125. Free shipping in CONUS.

        P2p: 21 ¼
        Sleeve: 22 3/4
        Shoulder: 18 ¾
        Length: 29 ¼

        Message me with questions or for more pics.


          That St. Andrews stuff is awesome! Too small for me but someone needs to get on this!


            The Saint Andrews stuff is now on ebay:


              If a 39/40 R wants a quick, amazing wardrobe, I'd do both suits for $525 plus shipping.


                Those really are something. Ridiculously nice
                "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                  House offer accepted. Now I have to worry about unloading my massive amounts of inventory before closing.

                  Anyone need anything? Sizes?


                    Always looking for stuff in a 42R, 17x34 shirt, or size 11 to 11.5 shoes!


                      Staple dress shirts in 15-15.5/35 and size 13 shoes!


                        15.5/39 dress shirts (blues!!!!) w/ 35" sleeves. A nice 33" brown belt!


                          Hm, dress and casual shirts, 15.5-16/33. And size 10 or 9.5 shoes, or thereabout. Oh, and a big one is outerwear jackets, size 38R.


                            39 or 40r for me


                              Here's the first round. I have tons more. PM me if you want more deets on anything.

                              1987 Avirex Repro flight jacket, size M
                              two holes in lining
                              (looks like this:

                              Summery Polo RL sportcoat. Vintagey, made in US
                              38 S.
                              ($35 shipped CONUS for this one)

                              Brooks Brothers navy blazer
                              2-btn, light wool. 38 R
                              Good beater jacket (made in Mexico)

                              Vintage Harris Tweed, tan (oatmeal)
                              2 leather buttons. 40 S

                              Old school Jos Bank Maroon (think Alabama colors) blazer
                              2-btn, patch pockets. 39-40 R (S)
                              (this will go cheap, but it’s from when Jos Bank was quality stuff)

                              Awesome vintage navy wool blazer
                              2-btn, patch pockets. 40 R
                              (Seen here:
                              (this will go cheap)

                              Brooks Brothers navy blazer
                              Loro Piana, made in Canada
                              3-button. 44 R

                              Zegna FU sportcoat. Green plaid.
                              Double breasted. 44 R

                              “Peak lapels. Made in Switzerland. No vent.”
                              ($20 shipped CONUS for this one)

                              Edgar Pomeroy SC. Earth tones.
                              2-btn. 44 R

                              “Made in 1995 with all the bells and whistles: ticket pocket, surgeon's cuffs and handstitching everywhere. 2-btn. Double vent. Notch lapel.”


                                Oh, and for the size 42s in the crowd, a tasteful pimp suit from Savile Row.