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    Jon, the shirts came in and the fit is spot on. wondering if you still have the Samuelsohn blazer for sale.


      The Allen Edmonds Ashland wingtips are still available. Right now there's one bid at $39.99 with a little more than 2 days to go.


        Dear Jon,

        I wonder, do the wides allow for an orthotic insert? (The size is too short for my feet, so I have no interest in them.)


          Originally posted by Clarkie_415 View Post
          Jon, the shirts came in and the fit is spot on. wondering if you still have the Samuelsohn blazer for sale.
          PM Sent



            1977 Magee Donegal Tweed. Short 40 R.

            Recent J Press Blazer. 43 R. Needs some repair, so it will go cheap.

            AB Fits Dope & Drakkar 13.5 oz rinsed Japanese selvedge jeans. 30/34.

            For the Ladies:

            Crazy Jil Sander Overcoat/cloak thing. 12



              Brooks Brothers camel hair sportcoat. 38 S.

              Brooks Brothers Hand Tailored Suit. 44 R.

              Vintage Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece. 43 R.


                Hey Jon, so I was recently in a Jcrew and tried on the 40r suit jacket I almost bought from you before. Man do I regret not buying it off you because their 40r ludlow jacket fit like it was designed for me. If you happen to find anymore Jcrew 40r items on your adventures, hit me up and I will take them off your hands. I am also looking for a grey suit with a light blue windowpane, and also a darker blue herringbone/tweed blazer. If you find any of these, i would be happy to purchase them from you!

                Figured I would let you know so you can look out for them on your thrifting adventures!


                  Just posted two Ike Behar hand tailored Sea Island Cotton shirts, 16 R, and a white Brioni shirt in a 15.5.



                    If you guys like either of these, let me know and we can make a deal.

                    Shawl collar dinner jacket, 40 S

                    The epitome of formal wear. 9 C/A


                      40 S:

                      Theory nylon blazer, 42 R:

                      Alan McAfee (Cheaney), 9.5:

                      Alden 8.5 B:

                      I’m still adding new listings:


                        More stuff just listed.

                        And if you have money to spend and are a 44-46 R ......

                        BAM. Savile Row madness!



                          I made the Put This On Ebay roundup. FINALLY.



                            AMAZING 40 R Gucci suit.



                              If any of you guys are interested in the Gucci (, let me know, and we can work out a deal.



                                Cheaney, 10.

                                Polo by Corneliani, 42 L

                                Gucci blazer, 40 R

                                Kiton, 42 L