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    Jon's ebay thread

    I just put a bunch of stuff on ebay here:

    Shirts include Tom Baker London, RT Estate Bespoke, Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece and Hickey Freeman in a variety of sizes.

    Two sportcoats and a suit that needs a bit of work, so will go cheap.

    Corneliani black pinstripe suit. 44 L. PIMP.

    Amazing autumnal Hickey Freeman. 42 L

    And I'll work with you if you want this one:

    42 Long Luciano Barbera for St. Andrews


    Brilliant idea. You find more good stuff than anybody else I know in here.



      I just listed a TON of tweeds. Well, not a ton, but, well, just take a look:

      Tweeds (most have the Harris Tweed label, one is an unlabeled HT, and one is just an awesome tweed)

      39 R

      40 R

      40/41 R

      40/42 S

      And a vintage HT overcoat in Large



        Awesome finds! If that 39R had sharper lapels I might spring for it, but they're a bit too round for my taste, also colorwise it's a bit bland. But wow... very tempted nonetheless. I need to figure out my pit-to-pit and shoulder measurements so I can jump on one of your tweed finds this fall/winter!



          Will you ship to Canada?



            dstepner: I'll ship anywhere. Depending on where it is to Canada, it might cost the same as domestic shipping.

            Los: The 39 R is a bit muted, but the red and blue color running though the jacket give it a bit of pop — though it's certainly not even in the same ballpark as the 40 R with the ticket pocket (which is very slim).

            And if you guys want to jump on any of the stuff without bids before the auctions end, we could try to make a deal. I've been stockpiling (after all, thrift buying is a lot easier and more fun than ebay selling), and my wife is getting a bit put out ....


              New auctions up


                Seven fold!!!!!!
                Dress for style, live for results.


                  Pretty cool "dress casual" Allen Edmonds. 8 D.


                  Florsheim Imperial v-cleats in shell cordovan. 11 C.



                    With a little more than a day left, the AEs have plenty of watchers, but only one bid a $9.99. Somebody's going to get these for a steal. (Same for the Florsheim -- a deal, that is -- but it will come a little more expensively)


                      Holiday red polo US cords, 32 (forgive the pictures), gray flannel Saint Andrews trousers, Zenga cords and other odds and ends.



                        That Chipp jacket is sick.


                          A ton of new things just posted.


                          These gems are included:

                          USA-made Brooks Brothers POW Lambswool Cashmere 40 R sportcoat

                          Brooks Brothers Flannel 15 1/2 R Cotton Wool Plaid shirt. Made in USA.

                          Classic Trad navy 2 button blazer sportcoat from Eljo's UVA. 41 42 R.

                          Amazing Tweed Hickey Freeman prince of wales wool suit. 41 R. 2 btn. Flat front


                            I've put the women's leather jacket on my watchlist. Might make a good gift for the wife. :-)


                              For the lady in your life: Size 2 J. Crew tuxedo pants, NWT.