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Tweeds! 38 R-46 R. Get them before ebay does.

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    Tweeds! 38 R-46 R. Get them before ebay does.

    I posted a bunch of tweeds over at AAAC.

    The prize piece has to be the 40 R vintage Harris Tweed. It's heavy as hell, so needs to be worn up north.

    Check em out:

    questions, comments, concerns, offers: thriftatl at gmail


    I like that 38R. Makes me want to measure my jacket to see if it would fit.



      EVERYONE likes the 38 R. It's gone. Sorry.

      But here's something else:

      "Short 40 R Wilkes Bashford 3-2 sportcoat. Tan cashmere. I won it off ebay from Man o Lint, but it's a bit too long, and makes this short guy look even shorter. It's a great piece though, and is super nice.

      There are a few small blemishes at the very bottom of the vents from where someone ripped out the basting. Not a big deal at all, and it doesn't detract from the coat. Anyone want it for what I paid, which was a very good deal?

      The deets: "



        Hi, just saw this post and am interested in the 40R sportcoat. Is it still available?




          Actually, it's the 39R no-name that's gone. The 38 is still here.

          Dta: The 40 R is still available. Hit me up at thriftatl at gmail

          One thing -- you better live in the north because it is HEAVY