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FS: Vintage Johnston & Murphy Aristocraft Shell Cordovan Wingtips 9 B

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    FS: Vintage Johnston & Murphy Aristocraft Shell Cordovan Wingtips 9 B

    For Sale

    Shell Cordovan Half Brogue Wingtips

    Johnston & Murphy Aristocraft

    Size 9 B/AA

    Color #8



    I purchased a tweed blazer from capnwes via a private sale on StyleForum recently. Everything was excellent. He is really easy to work with, great prices, and very fast shipping. The item arrived exactly as described. Just thought you guys might want to know.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      Thanks for the reference Greg...Anytime!



        While I haven't bought anything, I just want to say I appreciate you listing the interior measurements of every shoe you list. Wish every other seller would do the same, they don't realize that a size 12 shoe can have the same bottom sole measurements as a size 9 shoe.



          Haha, I thought the $42.86 was the buy-it-now price for a second, and was about to throw my wallet at my monitor. I'll definitely keep an eye on the listing, beautiful shoes.



            @ n0rm, no problem, it only makes sense to know how big the area you are tying to squeeze your foot into is. However, I am amazed at the number of folks who message me asking for exterior sole measurements. I can only imagine they are checking to see if they will fit in their closet, or if they need to add another shoe rack, lol.

            @ nperryx, I almost spit my coffee out when I just read that.

            Thanks for looking guys!



              Ending tonight...don't forget to bid