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FS: Clothing Lots. Shirts and Shoes

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  • FS: Clothing Lots. Shirts and Shoes

    I have two lots that need to go. Prices are shipped in CONUS.

    1. Shirt Lot (plus a hat). 6 pieces. $125

    - Kamakura New York Slim Fit. Size 15.75"/35.5". Cutaway Collar. Light Blue and White micro twill. Very good used condition.
    - J Crew Secret Wash Shirt. Size Large Slim. Pink with button down collar. Very good used condition.
    - Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Nine-to-Nine Spread Collar. Size Medium. Blue micro gingham. Good used condition.
    - J Crew Classic Polo. Heather Grey, Size Large. Good used condition.
    - Spier & Mackay Spread Collar Polo. White, Size Large. Good used condition.
    - J Crew Sun Safe Bucket Hat. Navy, Size L/XL. New without tags

    2. Shoe Lot. 2 pieces. $90

    - Allbirds Wool Loungers. Size 13. Worn once
    - Adidas Stan Smith all black leather. Size 12.5. Well worn/used, but do have life left. Shoe trees in picture aren't included.

    If you want everything, I'll take $200. Fastest way to reach me is text (513) 324 - zero five nine nine. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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      For your consideration, as to the shoes, I suggest this post from the Shoe Snob Blog:

      Some feedback that I have though is for the sellers and potential sellers. I see lots of people adding shoes but not a ton of sales and the reason being that people are simply listing their used shoes at too high of a price. Shoes are like cars. The second they leave the shop, they automatically lose about 40% of their value. Therefore even if you are selling brand new shoes on here, but you are not the actual brand of the shoes, people won’t value purchasing from you as they would the actual brand or retail shop that sells the shoes. This is simply our psychology as humans.

      Therefore, what I recommend to all of you that wish to sell your shoes is to lower your prices. You must accept that you will almost never get what you truly desire when selling a used pair of shoes. For a used shoe (and of course, this has many variables to it that affect price), you should be looking to get 1/4 or 1/3 of the retail price if worn more than 3 times. Worn once lightly can probably get you 50% of retail. Of course, the more you additions you have i.e. shoe trees, toe taps etc, the more likely you will get a higher price for your shoes. And the better you present them in photos is also something that will make them more desirable to a potential buyer.


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        Appreciate the insight... however, their post is about ultra expensive menswear, which does have a more discerning buyer than this forum.

        Even if you do want to use their logic, my pricing is spot on. Their guide would mean values of $50 for the Allbirds (MSRP $100) and $20-25 for the Stan Smith (MSRP $90), before shipping. With the size and weight of the box needed to ship two large pairs of shoes, $15-20 to cover the cost is reasonable.

        Pricing on the shirt lot is similar, at approximately 1/3 of MSRP plus $15-20 for shipping.

        With that being said, there is a little room for negotiation, especially for those that buy the entire lot or are willing to pay via PayPal gift or Venmo.


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          Small Price Drops:

          Shirts: $120
          Shoes: $85
          Everything: $190

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              Price Drops:

              Shirts: $110
              Shoes: $80
              Everything: $175

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                  Final Price Drops:

                  Shirts: $100
                  Shoes: $75
                  Everything: $160