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Omega Seamaster - gold 1960s vintage, 562 caliber

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  • Omega Seamaster - gold 1960s vintage, 562 caliber

    I'm putting up another watch for sale. This is an Omega Seamaster from the early 1960s. Case is gold plated and is 34mm diameter exclusive of crown and 42mm lug to lug. The cream dial, hands, and indices all look great. The crystal is in good shape as well. At certain light you can just make out some refractions in it, but they are subtle and difficult to photograph. It runs well and keeps time.

    Based on some searching I believe it to have the Omega caliber 562 movement - one of Omega's better works according to some internets. It is an automatic movement with a "quick set" date. The crown is Omega signed as well as the buckle. Comes with a lightly worn black Hirsch 18mm leather strap.

    I'm selling it as I just don't wear it that much anymore. I used to wear a suit to work at least once a month, and this was a go-to for me. Now I don't even wear a tie. My casual off days are less "dappered" than they used to be, so it's kind of out of place on my wrist most of the time. I'll probably buy some kind of tool watch to replace it.

    $500 takes it with free shipping to the lower 48. This Omega is a great way to get into Swiss watches without breaking the bank or going quartz. Or if you wear a suit more than I do, it's really tough to beat it as a dress watch.

    More pictures available here:

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    Classic watch, great deal. Someone should jump on this quickly!
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      Wow. What a lovely watch!


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        Thanks for the compliments, guys. I'm hoping it finds a good home.


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            This is a nice looking watch, but FYI that the logo and "automatic" writing are almost certainly repainted.


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              I received the watch as a gift several years ago so I do not know its life story. I can see the back has been polished. Repainted/refinished or not, it looks top notch. Like a classic car, there is value in a piece that is "all original," though many people prefer something more presentable.

              I think patina/wear looks better on tool watches, not dress watches anyway. The new owner will have to make his or her own assessment.


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                That's completely fair. Not trying to trash your sale at all, and I can't comment on the polishing or "patina" aside from signatures on the dial. I just know that repainting and refinishing is sometimes is a consideration for some buyers in purchasing vintage watches, which is also difficult to tell for new buyers.