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Bruschetta's clothing giveaway #2.

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    Bruschetta's clothing giveaway #2.

    Hey everyone. I'm getting ready to move out of the pit of despair that is the southwest of the United States and back into civilization (the UK). I've acquired a bit of clothing that I have no desire to keep.

    I'll post to this thread periodically over the next day with items that I'm giving away. Simply reply to the thread if you want something. Everything listed here is free, but you're welcome to donate some $ amount to the charity of your choice.

    Everything is first come first serve. Only one thing per person, please.

    First up:

    Brooks Brothers "346" 38S wool topcoat in charcoal herringbone. It's the Brooks Brothers outlet version of this coat: and it fits like a 40S. It's a box cut fit.

    Jos A Bank 15.5x34 white dress shirt.

    J. Crew khaki chinos, spring weight, 33x32.

    Banana Republic dress shirt, blue stripes, size medium. This is more of a wild shirt.

    Banana Republic red and blue check sport shirt, size medium. I believe that it's this shirt:

    J. Crew secret wash, lightweight shirt. Gingham check. Size medium. It's this shirt in a pastel/sky blue:

    I'll post more over the next day.


    How's the fit on that J. Crew Gingham check? I'm usually between a medium and small (15.5" neck, 34" sleeves, 30" waist)



      I will pay for shipping and your time for the BB Coat. Let me know, thanks!



        I will take the JCrew secret wash shirt! Let me know how to contact you for shipping details.



          I'm a 38S, would that coat be too big for me?



            Either way, what a guy for doing this!



              I'll take the Jcrew shirt if the other guys bail and if its a slim fit



                thmage, I wear a 15.5x34 in dress shirts and the J.Crew medium shirts fit me well.

                RiveDroit, please send me an email and I'll ship the coat off to you. yum bruschetta at gmail dot com.

                splitplug, please send me an email and I'll send the shirt off to you.



                  One more thing:

                  Banana Republic Merino V Neck sweater, size medium. It's this sweater, but in brown:



                    I would love the BR red + blue shirt as well as that merino sweater!

                    Bruschetta, what an awesome thing to do! Great stuff.



                      @ bruschetta, does your email have yum before the bruschetta part?

                      Nevermind, email sent (hopefully to the right email address, lol.)



                        I'd love whichever item aglass decides not to get . I'll assume it's the merino since it was second.

                        Kudos to you, kind sir!



                          What part of the UK?



                            aglass, please send me an email.

                            ThinhQ, I'll let you know what he decides.

                            jose_jackson, Scotland. Are you a UK native? In the end, there can be only one.



                              Actually, how well do those chinos fit? I'm usually a 30/31 waist, but I've never tried on any pair of chinos :S.