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Mezlan, brown suede, silver horsebit loafer. 8M made in spain. chisel toe. $60 OBO

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    Mezlan, brown suede, silver horsebit loafer. 8M made in spain. chisel toe. $60 OBO

    Color is chocolaty brown. Suede material. Chisel shaped toe. The horsebit is silver, and I think the connecting part between the rings is leather, but not sure. Some nails on the heel and sole. Not sure if it's stitched or not.
    Made in spain

    60 OBO as paypal gift, includes shipping CONUS

    Pics are uploaded here

    Quick clarifying questions:

    By 8M you mean 8D, yes? (8 medium.)

    Do they fit true to size/width, a little long/short, a little narrow/wide?

    How old are the shoes (years of wear)?



      No prob at all.
      Yeah, Mezlan does "M" for medium instead of D.
      I'd say they fit longer than a size 8. Probably closer to a 9. I'm usually wearing a 9.5-10 for reference, and cannot wear these, but I can get my feet in them.
      I don't think they run wide or narrow. More average.
      Not sure how old these are. I bought them used thinking they were a larger size. I think they're more recent due to the design, since I think Mezlan has been doing the Magnanni look-alikes in the past few years, but I'm not entirely sure.

      Hope that helps


        Thanks much! I wear a 7.5-8, so these would be too big for me. Nice looking, though. Good luck with them!


          No prob.
          Yeah, these would probably be too big. I'd say someone should be a size 8.5, maybe a 9, for them.
          And yeah, they look really nice. Mezlan has been hit or miss with their designs, but they've really been making some much nicer shoes lately. Almost comparable to Magnanni, except the leathers arent quite as good


            55 obo