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FS: 007 Bond Quantum Cardigan

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    FS: 007 Bond Quantum Cardigan

    I have a size SMALL Quantum Cardigan, black of course, for sale. Brand new, never worn outside. I tried it on and it's just not the right look for me to justify the price tag and I never wore it. Ordered a month or two ago. To ship it back would have cost too much so I'm hoping to sell it here.

    Here is a link to the maker's web site:

    The cardigan is very well made and I will be posting photos soon. I'm looking to recoup most of the cost of this item since it is BRAND NEW. Originally cost me $219 + 30 shipping, looking to get $199.

    Message me on here if interested or with questions, thanks.

    Here are photos of the Quantum Cardigan. As stated above, it is brand new, unworn. This does not come with TAGS as it is a handmade item, and it's creator doesn't attach tags. I am completely willing to take returns on this item if I have misrepresented it in any way, otherwise I will not. I accept PayPal, for any other forms of payment, contact me. I'll ship it out as soon as I receive payment, and provide a tracking number to the buyer. Anyone who has size questions, please reply to thread and I'll respond quickly. Thanks!