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Lands End Canvas Navy Hopsack Wool Blazer 38/40R (Rare 1st Generation LEC)

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    Lands End Canvas Navy Hopsack Wool Blazer 38/40R (Rare 1st Generation LEC)


    Selling a beautiful Lands End Canvas (1st Generation--2011 or so) Navy Wool Hopsack blazer.
    Only worn once since I bought it.

    Honestly--this is a hidden gem. I haven't seen Lands End produce as good of a blazer before/since, and after storing this away for 4 years, I'm amazed how well it fits me relative to my other jackets (LBM, eHaberdasher/Benjamin). It honestly should go for more--but I think this is a fair price
    The fit is definitely slimmer than existing tailored LEC fits.

    In particular, I love the balance/proportions on this jacket. The length is on the slightly longer side, and the button stance balances everything out (not low like JCrew Ludlow etc.) It compares favorably, proportion wise, to my Benjamin Bella Spalla. I think this is an excellent starter blazer that punches well above its weight.

    Color is a deep navy blue (not too dark/navy, and not too light). There's a picture above that shows how the color comes out when the sunlight hits it.

    Images can be found here:
    • 100% Navy Wool Hopsack--All year Weight
    • Pickstitching throughout (including Lapel)
    • Tagged 40, Fits like a 38/40R (Slim)--For Sizing Purposes, I am a 38R in the Brooks Fitzgerald, a 40 in eHaberdasher's Benjamin's Bella Sportcoats, and a 38R in JCrew. My shirt size is 15.5-34.5
    • Slightly Tapered Sleeves
    • Functional Sleeves
    • Matte Black Metal Anchor Buttons

    Chest - 20.5"
    Shoulders - 17.8"
    Sleeve - 25.25"
    Spare buttons are included

    Some more details can be found here in the comments section:

    A few questions:

    Is it fully lined?
    You shortened the sleeves--is there material left for a tailor to lengthen them?
    What are you charging for it?


      --It's 1/2 lined or so
      --Sleeves have never been shortened/touched (where did you get this from???)--If you're referring to my description above, "slightly tapered sleeves" implies that the sleeve tapers as it comes down to the wrist. Nothing to do with shortening. That's just how the jacket was cut.
      - There is some material, but FYI this jacket has working sleeve/buttons.

      ---Price: $120 shipped CONUS.