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FS: Suits and Navy Sportcoat (41/40R) BB "346", Ralph, Oscar

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    FS: Suits and Navy Sportcoat (41/40R) BB "346", Ralph, Oscar

    Hey all,

    Lost a fair bit of weight so these suits no longer fit. My tailor recommended selling versus paying a fair amount to tailor. I know these aren't the premium brands used mostly around here but hopefully some good staples for someone just starting out in their career or looking to expand their wardrobe on the discount.

    All have been recently cleaned or still have dry cleaner tags on them. Always aired out, febreezed, and brushed when needed.

    Photos available here: More available upon request. Happy to provide any information and shipping is free within US via USPS. Haven't sold here but have done plenty on other forums, eBay, and craigslist. Never sold clothing online so feel free to make an offer especially if purchasing multiple. I priced these at about 60%+ off what I paid.

    1. Lauren by Ralph Lauren Sport Navy blazer. 100% wool. 40R - $60
    2. BB Fitz Linen suit 41R, 34x31 pants. Purchased at "346 Factory Store" $120
    3. BB Linen suit 41 R, W35 tailored to 31/32 length. Purchased at "346 Factory Store" $120
    4. BB Fitz 346 Blue with red pin stripes 41R 35/31. $120
    5. BB 346 Blue with black check (believe a glenn check pattern). 41R 34/31. $120
    6. BB 346 Gray herringbone. 41R 35/31. $120
    7. Calvin Klein 3 piece suit black. 40R, vest medium, pants should be 34 but I cannot find tag. $80
    8. Oscar De La Renta Gray 3 button. 40R, cuff with pleats 34, approximately 31/30 length. $70
    9. Oscar De La Renta Tan 3 button. 40 R, pants originally 34/34 but tailored to 32/31 single pleat no cuff. $70
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