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Best thick, nice-looking wool socks?

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    Best thick, nice-looking wool socks?

    Hi folks! My socks aren't cutting it any more. (I live in a cold place that's supposed to get an extra-cold winter and I'm worried my toes are going to freeze off.)

    To date I've tried: SmartWool, merino wool, and pure cashmere. Once it gets below 0F, I have to double-bag my feet to get through the day.

    I'm looking for suggestions of where to buy nice, thick wool socks that wouldn't look out of place with a suit. (Neutral colors and patterns, cable knit is fine.) Pure wool is preferable but wool blend is fine if they're toastywarm.


    Unless you are walking to work several miles each way, I'm a little puzzled as to why you would need to "double-bag" your feet with socks just because it's cold. And in that case, I think you'd be better off getting an insulated winter boot and switching to regular shoes once at the office. Wearing too-warm shoes and socks in the office all day can actually be counterproductive because your feet will get sweaty and then they will REALLY get cold when you step outside.

    -20┬░F temps are relatively common where I live and I've never needed more than mid-thickness wool socks for sitting around in my heated office all day.

    I just bought a four-pack of women's merino hiking socks (fit better for my size 8 feet than men's one-size socks do) at Costco. They are medium thickness and pretty boring, office-appropriate colors (heather navy, heather black, blue-grey-black stripes). I also wear plain old hiking socks with dress boots. No one is really going to see much of your socks if you're wearing boots, and if it's really that cold out, no one is going to think that looks weird with a suit even if they seem them.


      Once the winter rolls through I wear my Wigwam hiking socks with dress boots almost exclusively. If it's really cold or the weather is rough why not do as LBD suggests, wear a winter boot during your commute and then change into a pair of shoes when you get into the office?


        Do you work outdoors and wear a suit? I am a little confused, if you're indoors is sounds like you need to go ask Mr Scrooge for another shovel of coal for the fire, or maybe get a small heater to go under your desk/work space if that is allowed. If your working outdoors in sub 0 temps i'd maybe go with the smart wool mountaineering socks (if you have not tried that specific style yet, i know you said you tried smart wool, but they make quite a few different style socks) I have spent days at a time outdoors in temperatures well under 0 degrees with these and never had an issue with my feet freezing. They are maybe not a great look with a suit....but if your outdoors in those temps (and that outfit) there is going to have to be some style compromises.
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          Thanks folks! Hiking socks are good advice.

          To clarify: I work indoors, but (1) in a cold place generally that (2) doesn't allow space heaters, plus (3) I've always had terribly cold fingers and toes. No particular reason; they are what they are!