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WTB: black cafe racer leather jacket 44-46r

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    WTB: black cafe racer leather jacket 44-46r

    I need a non face covering halloween costume for an event this year so the all new ghost rider is my goal. Loved the comic and now robbie reyes is coming to live action.

    Anyone got a similar jacket I can customize and add a white stripe?

    Rips, damage, etc I can deal with for a costume.
    I have a $50 fuax (poly coating on poly, lined in poly) I can use as back up, but if I can find similar, and real leather, within 10 days the fuax is getting returned.

    The ones I've found on ebay have questionable measurements.
    I trust this forum more.

    My measurements are:
    Shoulder to shoulder 19-20"
    Chest 46"
    Waist 44"
    Top of shoulder to outer sleeve edge 24"

    I can deal well enough (for a costume worn at night) with incorrect collar styles and sleeve lengths. I may even be able to take in the sides (since the jacket is worn closed and no ccd an see what I do to the inside.