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    I got this jacket about 4 years ago and I have wore it less than a dozen times.

    The only thing that is modified on the jacket are the longer sleeves by an inch. These were done professionally and you can't tell the difference. If you have longer arms this is perfect for you. Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Asking $100 shipped.

    Is that the $75 Harris Tweed jacket that was sold at Walmart back in 2012?


      that is precisely what that is.

      if it's like the one i saw back when those came out, it's not actually bad. though the the lining leaves a lot to be desired, and the plastic buttons (which are traditionally leather) are kind of mehh, the tweed fabric itself is still nice.

      i dunno about $100 for it, since it was $75 new... but eh..

      the thing i didn't like about the jacket is that they bill is as a "HARRIS TWEED" brand coat when that is really not the case at all. it's just made by some unidentified company with some Harris Tweed fabric.

      the hanger is pretty nice though!
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        Thanks [MENTION=12001]evanparker[/MENTION] for verifying! I was looking at the pictures and kept thinking, "where have I seen this before?"