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8 new shoes! B.R. , Kenneth Cole , Rogue Plafon etc...

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    8 new shoes! B.R. , Kenneth Cole , Rogue Plafon etc...

    *This is my 2nd time posting this ad. Apparently there were some issues with the original posting not accepting my images. So I'm going to repost. -Thanks

    I have been purchasing new clothes and shoes over the year. And need to make room for the new stuff. So I'm listing some stuff that I have never worn ( or worn 1x ). They have always been kept in the original shoe box ( some with shoe trees -- not included. Would consider including if the $ is right ) and the original tissue still wrapped around the shoes.*

    Steve Madden Size 10 – No box

    Banana Republic -- Mercer ( Black ) Size 10 D * Made in Italy*
    *Couple creases from age of leather. But near mint condition all around! Doesn't even look like it has been tried on* Flawless!

    Banana Republic -- Cameron ( Brown ) Size 10 D * Made in Tunsinia*

    Banana Republic -- Cameron ( Black ) Size 10 D * Made in Tunsinia*
    *Laces are coming apart. Probally from age. I don't recall wearing ever.

    Rogue Plafon Oxford Size 10.5 I know nothing about these shoes whatsoever. I purchased them on ebay this year because I saw “Allen Edmonds” somewhere in his posting. Purchasing these thinking they were Allen Edmonds. I have never ever worn these shoes. Looking at the bottom of the shoe it looks like it has been previousley worn. But after talking with the person I purchased from he said thats how they come. He said the soles are hand made. Now if thats true or not I can't vouch for him. But after looking at some pictures of these shoes online some looked the exact same on the bottom.

    Banana Republic “wheeler”. Size 10. Again I know nothing about these shoes. I saw them on ebay. New never worn. I purchased these because the description said “gray” and after looking at his pics he posted they looked gray. But to me these look nothing like gray. They look like a tan or cream color. These were new when I purchased them this year and I have worn them 1x. This was my 1st time wearing shoes with leather soles and they were very slick. So the 1x I did wear them I remember walking hard on them to roughen the soles to make them not so slick ( if that makes any sense ). I only wore them for family pictures. They were on my feet maybe a total of 2 hours max. I didnt even drive to or home from the studio wearing these. Again these were worn only 1x.

    Kenneth Cole Unlisted Mens Cal-Culator SY Black Oxford Dress shoe size 10.
    Purchased these on ebay this past February 2016. Still in box with tissue wrapped around them. Never worn. I never even tried them on.

    Kenneth Cole Ease on / slip on dress shoe Size 10

    $280 for all.
    Not trying to get rich or make any profit. I'm sure I spent close to 4x this or more for these shoes. My loss your gain.
    Not looking to break them up or sell individually .

    *All Banana Republic shoes excluding "wheeler" have recently been cleaned with Allen Edmonds leather conditioner and cleaner, Saphir wax/polish ( from Hangar Project ) and finished with polish. Excluding the Rogue Plafon's.

    I'm sorry for hijacking this post with all of these pictures. But I just want to make sure you see them real good.

    Thank you
    -Michael (MN)

    *** Please Please PM me if interested vs posting replies to this post.

    Thanks again



      BR Mercer


        B.R. Cameron


          B.R Cameron

          Took the laces out fo the picture. Looks funky. Probally should have kept them in


            B.R. Cameron - black bottoms


              Rogue Plafon

              Color looks a little lighter when the flash was turned on


                B.R. "wheeler" wingtip


                  Kenneth Cole ease on / slip on


                    Kenneth Cole "Cal-Culator"


                      No interest?
                      I haven't gotten any comment.
                      Since I've not had any offers.
                      Can I get some feedback? To ugly? Asking to much?