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FS: Vostok Amphibia Field mod

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    FS: Vostok Amphibia Field mod

    I dont know how much interest this will get here but its a col watch so I will put it up and see. For those that don't know, Vostok is a Russian watch that has a bit of a cult following. It isnt a wrist princess, it is a work watch. It isnt afraid of the water by any means. Anyway, I wanted one but didnt need another dive watch so this happened.

    This started as a vostok 120811. I have included a stock photo just so the conversion could be apparent.

    Mods performed:
    Smooth stainless steel bezel
    Custom hands by a member of another forum
    Spiedel padded strap
    brushed finish on most of the surfaces

    I also have a darker leather strap that has some wear on it that i actually used the few times I wore this one. I personally liked the vintage vibe it added to the watch. I have a SS bracelet with straight end links and the stock silicone (surprisingly decent) that I will include as well. Pictures of bonus straps and bracelet to follow, I didn't bring them with me today. Here is a pic with the darker strap on the watch though (before brushed case surfaces)...

    I do have some sales on here (and a fair number of posts) as well as plenty on Ebay as PC_hobby. If you want validation at it is me, message me on ebay and I will answer you here. It isn't your typical Vostok and is fun to wear, plus has a nice little strap starter kit. I have never sold a mod before so if you think my pricing is off, PM me. Never know until you ask.

    $120 shipped CONUS

    because there is a 4 image max for some reason


      Apparently my inbox was full so if anybody tried PMing me, give it another go. Also, here are the 3 additional straps included. I didnt resize it so its huge so I am just posting a link for you


        Well aint that snazzy. I like the mods on that watch, glws.


          Price drop to $100