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FS: 75% OFF - (13) New SPIER & MACKAY SHIRTS (14.5 neck) +++ Altered sleeves 32.5inch

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    FS: 75% OFF - (13) New SPIER & MACKAY SHIRTS (14.5 neck) +++ Altered sleeves 32.5inch

    Hello guys,

    I am selling (13) of Spier and Mackay shirts I ordered not long ago. They are a too slim for my chest (41), thus my loss is your gain.

    *I am selling them all together, or a bundle of 7 or more. I am not a retail store so there's no way I am going to sell and ship 13 things individually. I'm too busy and live in nyc at the moment. I hope you can understand that! If you buy all of them you can take them for $20/ea + FREE Shipping. That is literally half the price of just altering the sleeves at a tailor. In all I spent about $650+ tax for everything and just looking to get back about $250. Again, everything is still brand new.

    $20/ea for 13 shirts
    $25/ea for 7+ shirts

    FREE Shipping via USPS (Cont USA)

    Why not just return them to S&M?
    I cannot return them to Spier and Mackay due to the shirt sleeves being altered. All of their shirts come with 34in sleeves, and I had S&M shorten the sleeves for an additional fee ($12 per). I figured this would save me some money, due to being located in NYC where this costs $20/sleeve at my tailor in Midtown. I did not figure in the winter/gym into that scenario regarding sizing.

    FOR SALE: 14.5 / 32.5 in
    3 OCBDs
    10 Dress

    (all are brand new/never worn/washed..., except the Light Blue OCBD ---> which is where this post is coming from in the first place due to size/fit)

    Most have tags, as seen in pics---> but some do not --> Received two shipments, and took all the tags off the first shipment.

    I have included the exact product numbers as well---> you can still pull them up on their website and look at their photos if you don't like mine/ need more info on the thread/makeup of the item.

    All in all, S&M are still my go-to for shirts. The buttons and material are superior and their customer service is rock solid.

    To compare their shirts to any other brand in case you were wondering if these would fit...the size/fit is verrrrry similar to the Nordstrom Trim Fit. The only difference is that these shirts feel better constructed and higher quality materials. Take that for whatever it means.

    Sizing from their website:
    Slim Fit
    SIZE (Collar) 14 1/2
    Your Chest (Jacket Size) in. 36 - 38
    Your Waist in. 30 - 32

    actual garment measurements
    Chest (1" below armhole) in. 39 1/2
    Waist in. 35 1/2
    Shoulder in. 17 1/4
    Sleeve (from centre back) in. **Altered to 32.5in (32, but account for 1/2inch shrinkage)
    Length (from centre back) in. 29

    Product Numbers:
    Medium Blue Colby Box Check
    Code: RY-899 4C2F1

    Light Blue Colby Box Check
    Code: RY-900 4C2F1

    Blue Oxford - Brushed
    Code: RY-905 4C3KF5

    Classic White Oxford
    Code: HF-885 4C3KF5

    Blue LaSalle Royal Twill
    Code: RY-890 4C2F1

    Blue Nortanham Stripe (two are for sale)
    Code: RY-871 4C7F7

    Blue Chesterfield Gingham
    Code: MT-783 4C2F1

    Blue Medium Herringbone
    Code: RY-869 4C2F1

    Dusk Bue End-on-End
    Code: RY-892 4C2F1

    Soft Washed Casual Chambray (OCBD with dbl chest pockets)
    Code: CNS-819 4C3KF5

    PICS: Dropbox folder with every shirt up close and 3 feet away. Non edited photos, natural light


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    If the neck and chest were 1" larger...


      ...let me get the sewing machine out. Hold, please.




          So I'm the idiot that bought these beautiful shirts from [MENTION=15388]oliverhudson[/MENTION]. Idiot because I half assed measuring my own shirts to make sure these weren't too small on me... which they are.
          oliverhudson was awesome to deal with, great communication and shipped right away.

          I'm offering the same deal, $20 per shirt if you buy all 14, total $280 ---> at the time of deal, oliverhudson got the last shirt shipped which is the same size and spec, a White Royal Oxford.

          I can do $25 a shirt if you buy at least 2.


            bump, all 14 still for sale.


              Come on guys, help me out. My wife has that "You bought 14 shirts that don't fit and they're still sitting in the office look".


                Blue LaSalle Royal Twill (RY-890 4C2F1), Blue Oxford - Brushed (RY-905 4C3KF5) and Blue Chesterfield Gingham (MT-783 4C2F1) have been sold.

                11 more beautiful shirts still available!

                $220 for all 11
                $25 per shirt if you buy at least 2


                  these still available?


                    Originally posted by Scofield View Post
                    these still available?
                    Yes, 11 still available. What can I do you for?


                      Originally posted by ninpb View Post
                      Yes, 11 still available. What can I do you for?
                      will be in touch, need to figure out my sizing first...these didn't fit on both you and the OP and I may be in the same boat looking at the measurements...