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Brown Allen Edmond's Loafers Size 10D!

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    Brown Allen Edmond's Loafers Size 10D!

    Hi all,

    I recently made a post about a pair of AE loafers I got on Ebay and whether or not I should keep them due to them being too big (link for that thread here:

    After thinking about it for a few days, I've decided to throw these puppies back up for sale. They are a size 9.5D, though they definitely seem to run large. I wear a size 10D Wolverine 1k and a size 9.5 Mercanti Fiorentini Wingtop Oxford (if that helps you understand my foot size) and they ran too big, both in the width and length. It's unfortunate because they are in damn good shape. Leather has no major scuffs or cuts, soles are rubber, and they are a goodyear welt so they aren't going to be worn down anytime soon. They also have heel taps so the heel hasn't been worn down and the soles are in good shape.

    I don't know if AE loafers like these just tend to run large or if the gentleman who wore them before just stretched the leather out, but either way I should probably have done more research on AE sizing before I made the purchase.

    I'd like to get $40 for them. They may very well be worth more, I don't know. But I paid just about $40 (including shipping), so I'd just like to break even.

    Here are some photos:

    If you have any questions, feel free to comment of PM me!

    ***Shoe trees not included***

    Pm sent