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Incotex Ivory Wool Trousers Size 32 - charcoal NEW

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  • Incotex Ivory Wool Trousers Size 32 - charcoal NEW

    Up for sale are new with tag Incotex Ivory 100% wool twill trousers, charcoal color, in size 32, unhemmed.

    $72 shipped to CONUS.

    I bought these in the Clad sale [edit - Clad calls the color "grey]. I wear a size 32 waist but these are just slightly (like 2 more months of working out) too slim for me and I want to size up to a 33. They are cut slim but not skinny. Very appropriate for an office work environment and the color makes them a wardrobe staple. I am no expert but the wool appears to be high quality.

    Here is a link to the item on Clad. The 32's are sold out in this color:

    The price reflects what I paid and I am willing to eat the shipping cost. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Just have a tailor let out the pants a bit...Sounds like that was your only complaint.


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      Incotex are some of the best pants in the world... Please stop tempting me with clad deals :/


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        Just to be clear, these are Incotex Ivory which is manufactured by Balin, I believe. Some of the more obnoxious styleforum members are up in arms about that. They are very good trousers for $72 though.

        I thought about having them let out but wondered how expensive that would be.


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          The site doesn't show a charcoal color - just black, grey, navy, and tan.

          Is it one of those colors or did they sell out of what you have?


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            It is the color that Clad, consistent with their other poor descriptions, calls "grey." It is a dark, charcoal grey.


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              Gotcha. I usually wear 32 to get the 34 inseam but am a true 31. Tempting, but I have two pants of that shade now.


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                Having pants let out is not expensive... $15-20 I think?


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                  Having the waist let out is not expensive at all! If the fit is just slightly off, I would defenitly have them let out!

                  Especially those ones. Take it to a tailor, try them on and get their opinion and cost, then make ur decision.


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                    Jason, I wouldn't be too disappointed. It's my understanding these Ivory trousers are lacking everything that makes Incotex so great. Not to discourage any potential buyers, as these are still a steal at this price, it's just not what you would normally expect from such a high end trouser brand.


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                      I received another pair in size 33 and they are just a better fit. So, I would still like to sell the size 32 wool, charcoal trousers. They would be perfect for someone who usually wears a 31 waist size. Also, I said before that they are unhemmed, but they actually are finished on the bottom, just with a long inseam. I will measure the inseam upon request.