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FS/FT: Affordable chronos, casio and timex

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    FS/FT: Affordable chronos, casio and timex

    I have decided that I just don't like a dark case on my wrist. Not my thing. So I have 2 watches I am going to see about letting go. I will sell or trade. I will try and find a good lighting to take some pics but if not, I will take these to work tomorrow and snap some. Much better lighting there. For now I am linking to the amazon listings. For trade I will consider about anything but as for watches, I want a diver or a light faced dress watch. Doesn't have to be fancy, just in those styles.

    Casio AMW330B-1AV

    First up is the one with some use on it. Minor wear around the lug and on a stock strap. Looking for $45

    Timex t49905 Field Expedition

    Brand new, just tried it on and didn't like it. Looking for $50 Total up-front I found this one on clearance at Walmart but have no problem with the asking price. I searched 10 or more stores int he metro Atlanta area and even McDonough on a drive through the area. I put in work and the price is still reasonable comparatively.

    Buyer pays actual shipping. International is fine as long as you assume responsibility for the extra shipping and any potential international shipping risks. I have never had issues shipping hard goods across the borders though. I will entertain offers but no lowballing on the Timex. I have the receipt and it is easier to just take it back and get my money instantly than deal with fees, packing it up and getting it out so I have to make something out of it...or get a sweet trade.

    EDIT: forgot the FS/WTT in the subject. If a mod wants to toss it in there it would probably help.
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    Timex sold


      Some pics of the Casio finally. These show the finish rub on the one lug and the hairline scratches on the bezel. Crystal is clean.