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My ebay stuff ending Sunday night

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    The only way I know how is to wear it and describe to the best of your ability. If you're a a fit guy, and it comes in to a noticeable degree, I'd write that and describe how much. Hopefully, someone can help us out here. There's only 4 hours left x|



      I think it would be a little tight in the chest but probably doable... You usually want the chest measurement of a coat to be 3-4 inches more than your actual chest measurement. The measurements for @jon's jacket look more like a 38-39



        I measure just below the sleeves (pit to pit) and across the button you'd button (top button for a 2 button, 2nd button for a 3 button) this is usually enough to tell if the waist is suppressed. Like the chest, you'll want that measurements to be 3-4 inches more than your pants waist measurement.



          My pit to pit is 20.5". Does this mean in the future, I need to buy suits that are at least 24.5" Pit-pit?

          Sweet Jesus, I've been measuring my shoulders incorrectly; I didn't follow Andy's method, and instead used indochino's and got 19+ instead of 18 3/16". IC lays the tape on top of the traps, why doesn't Andy?

          Nevertheless, the shoulders on this should fit me fine, no?


          Does this mean I shouldn't buy it, JC? =[

          By the way, if what you say is true, should I consider myself 40L?



            Nope... 20.5 pit to pit is 41" around the chest (double the pit to pit)...

            You'd want to look for 44-45 around the chest, or 22-22.5 pit to pit. You wear essentially the same size I do with longer arms and torso.

            Shoulders are more forgiving than the chest... I've got jackets from 18-19" that fit me well. More than that or less than that and they look off.



              Well, that's up to you... It will be a bit snug in the chest, I'm guessing. You can get it let out up to 1/2" at the center seam if need be... Costs like $30 or so

              Yes, I'd say you're a 40-41L



                Well, poop. The suits Fedodo has(and many others for that matter are always 1-2" too small in chest and 0.5-1" too large in the shoulders. How do I find a suit that'll fit me?

                If I measure my shoulders according to how IC asks clients to do it, will it be more accurate since it is contoured to my body? I have big traps.



                  My suggestion would be to go to thrift stores and try a lot of things on. Find things that fit well. Maybe you'll find a good suit, maybe not, but you'll find out how things fit. Measure the ones that fit well and you'll learn your coat measurements.

                  You'll want to buy things that are as close to your measurements as possible so you don't have to spend as much on getting it altered.



                    Too bad it won't work out. But I did just pick up a sweet overcoat in your size ...



                      Sorry, Jon. GUess I'll have to stop by target after all.

                      JC, most of my measurements were from a jacket, save the bicep, thigh, and chest circumference measurements. Is it odd to find measurements like mine that are wide in chest and a bit more narrow in the shoulders? Is it normal to have shoulder measurements and chest measurements at my height and weight?

                      And a quick clarification: if I measured a jacket Pit-pit to be 20.5-21", that means I need a jacket that is 44-45"? Why is that if my source measurement is a jacket?



                        New listings:


                        Cordovan tassel loafers


                        Canali overcoat

                        J Press pants


                        J crew seersucker pants

                        HF silk blend SC, Lubiam 1911 total silk SC, both 44R




                          That Lubiam 1911 is hot... Too bad it's a 44



                            That Lubiam 1911 is hot... Too bad it's a 44



                              OK -- which one of you pulled the trigger on the BIN for the shells?