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My ebay stuff ending Sunday night

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    My ebay stuff ending Sunday night

    Here's what I have on ebay ending in less than 24 hours:

    Alden BB Shells, 10 C. (Only 1 bid. $75):

    Hardy Amies SC, 40 R. (No bids): 84.m1555.l2649

    Zanella Italy-made SC, 9 R. (No bids): 84.m1555.l2649

    Hush Puppies (no bids): 84.m1555.l2649

    I've also recently posted a Woolrich wool bomber coat, M; a Caruso lambswool/cashmere SC; and a vintage Jos Bank (when it was a good brand) executive collection blazer, 38-40 R.


    jonATL, can you give me measurements on the rest of the stuff? I'm a 19 shoulder-shoulder and 40.5-41" in the chest, pit-pit. I wear a 34/35 shirt(roughly 28" sleeve). How do you think it'll fit? I'm 6'1".

    How are the armholes? sleeve tightness?

    I'm thinking about picking this up instead of the Merona blazer Joe plugged; how does this compare?



      I'd snap up that Woolrich bomber in a heartbeat if only it were a size small.




        Ha! Sorry, that Zanella is a 39 R.

        forbritisheyesonly: What were you looking at? There are measurements in the ebay postings.

        I think the Jos. Bank SC would fit you, if you want to rock a burgundy jacket (it's well made, though).

        Here's the link to everything I have right now:

        Just a head's up on the stuff I'll be posting when I get a chance:

        Burberrys London tux shirt 15-32 (probably in a package deal with a S Facconable tux shirt)

        32-30 J Crew SeerSUCKA pants

        This, which has a tear in a seam that shouldn't cost that much to fix:

        Oxxford Khakis on the larger side with a stain on the knee, which may or may not come out, so it's a risk.

        Canali Khakis that need to be taken back in (previous owner had taken them out, and they are unwearable, I think, in current state)

        The Canali coat and the Lubiam seen here:

        And some more stuff, probably.



          Oh, and the 39 R BB Worsted Wool gray suit seen here:




            the only measurement I see is shoulder-shoulder for the Hardy Amies.



              WOW. Maybe I should look at these things after I post them.

              OK, here goes:

              p to p: 21

              across 2nb button: 20

              Sleeve: 25

              Length: 30

              shoulder to shoulder: more like 18 3/4

              It won't let me edit this right now, so if these measurements work for you, looks like it's yours for $20.




                I had my sister measure me while I was wearing a 40R Polo Club Uni jacket(perfect fit) I found and the sleeve is 25.25". Do you think it's workable?

                Do you think it'll fit me?

                Overarm: 48

                chest to chest: 40.5-41

                Jacket Length: 30.75

                Sleeve Length: 25.25

                Shoulder-Shoulder: 19

                Stomach size: 35

                Jacket hips: 36

                Bicep: 13





                  Here's how to measure a suit:


                  Measure something that fits you well and compare to the measurements for something you're thinking about buying



                    Yup, that's exactly where I went, though I measured the sleeve length different. Why does he not start from the apex of the shoulder seam?



                      I think he does... He just has the coat shoulder folded back on itself



                        Thanks, JC. DO you think based off of my measurements, this would be a good fit? I'm still new to all this and I'm not sure how much an 1" or so will affect particular areas.



                          I thought I've been measuring stuff correctly, but if I haven't, please let me know.



                            Jon, what does "across 2nb button" mean? is that the waist/stomach size? Is there any waist suppression in the sport coat?



                              Yeah, I guess I should start writing waist or something more clear than (across 2nd button). Measuring is still a process — still ironing out the kinks.

                              How do you tell if there's waist suppression in the coat?