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Help Please: New to the Selling Game, Shipping Questions.

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    Help Please: New to the Selling Game, Shipping Questions.

    Hey guys, I have a ton of almost new clothing I'm trying to part with. Most of it is just a little too small for me.
    I went through a phase where I bought a lot of stuff, even if I didn't love it.
    Mostly size medium casual/dress shirts. A few swimsuits and odd pieces.
    Any tips on how to go about this?
    I have an ebay account but have never sold anything.
    How much does it usually cost to ship something light like a shirt?
    A couple of shirts?
    I just want to make sure I'm fair and accurate with pricing when I list the items with shipping included.
    42" Chest 32" Waist 6' Tall 185 lbs.

    Shipping cost is all about distance and size of the package (dimensions and weight).

    I live in the Midwest (Cincinnati, Ohio to be exact), so light items are shipped for a reasonable price anywhere within ~10 hrs of driving distance. Once you get out of that bubble, the price jumps quickly.

    When you're shipping items cross country, Flat Rate shipping is a great option. It's also extremely helpful to bundle items and offer discounts, especially when shipping long distances.

    I expect shipping costs of $6-15 for most items (shirts, light jackets, etc), $10-20 for shoes (weight and "Large Box" make this one more variable), and $15-25 for big items (pea coats, suits, etc).

    As for how to sell, I prefer forums and local outlets. I've found Dappered to be a tough forum to sell on, likely due to the frugality that sparks users to check out the site in the first place. What brands are you trying to sell? If they're high end items, StyleForum is a good outlet. If they're lower end, you're better off selling locally, on here, or eBay. Just make ads with good descriptions, clear pictures, and fair prices, and your stuff will sell.