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Brown-Beige w/ Blue Windowpane Sport Coat 42R / 43R

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    Brown-Beige w/ Blue Windowpane Sport Coat 42R / 43R

    Long-time reader, first-time poster here…

    I recently bought a John W Nordstrom brand all-wool sport coat on eBay. It’s got the Nordstrom quality, and the condition is excellent as the eBay listing noted. But alas, it did not fit me as expected, and I don’t think alterations will get me all the way to the fit I’d like.

    So, if you are about to graduate, a student heading into an internship, or someone moving into a work situation where you need a sport coat/blazer, I will give this one to you. If you have a friend or relative who fits that scenario, that’s fine too. Yes I really do mean give, as in gratis or "for free." Just send me a note with your situation and I’ll ship it to your USA address via USPS. Or, if you are not in that scenario and like the coat, I will sell it to you for $25, and I cover the shipping.

    I was looking toward using this sport coat to create a look along the lines of, and I think it would have worked if the jacket weren’t too large. It is marked 42R, but fits larger than my other suit jackets and sport coats of that size. The could partly be that the jacket is more of a traditional or full cut, or it could just run a bit large. Some might consider this a 43R size. If I had more meat behind my shoulders it would work great, and hopefully someone else can make good use of it.

    Pictures should still be up in the eBay listing at
    But do note that I measure the jacket slightly larger than the original seller. I am not an expert, but here are my measurements:
    • Shoulder-to-Shoulder (top): 20”
    • Pit-to-Pit: 22.5”
    • Sleeve: 25.75”
    • Length: 32.5”

    The fabric is an “all-season” sort of weight, if you are in a climate like mine (Seattle). Or a 3-season (Fall through Spring) in warmer areas.
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    Matt Dalton