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Jason's deal thread - before it goes on eBay

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    So after 2 months and much ado, I'd like to go ahead and take that 40R LL Bean chino jacket if you've still got it. :-) If it's already gone, no biggie. I figure it's worth a shot, though.



      Sure you don't want a very nice camel hair blazer to go with it?



        The seller I just mentioned in the other thread is selling a Zegna camel/wool jacket in 40R that's currently going for $5. I would have to give that one primary consideration, but I may pass on that one, too. I'm a little self-conscious about my mid-section, and the camel adds some thickness (and the color doesn't help since it's so light, either).



          I guess getting that chino blazer isn't an emergency so I can wait the 48 hours to decide on your camel coat and combine shipping if necessary.






              Anyone need a pair of Levi 501's?

              I have a pair in 32x30 that I wore once and just didn't like the fit. (I'm pretty skinny and they are just too baggy on me).


              Willing to ship them out for $15 + cost of shipping to wherever you are.

              I believe I paid around $40 for them.



                Here's a bunch of stuff I found this weekend that I'll be putting on eBay unless someone wants them... The SC's are very slim cut so they'll probably work well for people here:

                LOTS of NWT Ted Baker London SC's:


                Lots of shoes:


                And a bunch of ties and other stuff:


                Here's the measurements:




                  Light grey 40r endurance SC, How much!?!?!?

                  Edit* I emailed you.



                    Thank you sir! If you come across any other slimmer 40r sportcoats with some personality to them, let me knonw, I am currently in the market! I really need to get into this thrifting business haha. I may try to make it my summer hobby.



                      emailed about the cole haan thanks!



                        Hey JC, the SC arrived. It fits great, I just need to have the sides taken in a bit and the sleeves shortened 1/2 an inch or so. Thanks a lot! Ill post a pic when its all done.



                          Cool, glad it worked for you!



                            Hey JC not sure if you are following this thread anymore but I really like hte SC you posted on ebay, the 38r HF boardroom grey. Is that still up for grabs?