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Jason's deal thread - before it goes on eBay

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    Jason, did I miss the deets on that green flannel suit? I've been out for about a week and have a ton of catching up to do (I also desparately need a thrifting fix).



      The fabric is cool on that one, but the pants are big... 44" around the chest, 23" sleeves, 28" back from the bottom of the collar, 38" waist on the pants with a 27" inseam (2" to let out).



        JC u have link to that Hickey Freeman 44-46R with Loro Piana Super 120's fabric, grey glenplaid with blue windowpane.

        im curious



          It doesn't start for another 3 hours, but here's some pics:


          Shoulder seam to shoulder seam: 19.5"

          Pit 2 pit: 23.5"

          Waist at 1st button: 22"

          Length of back from the bottom of the collar: 30.5"

          Sleeve from the top of the shoulder seam: 25.5"

          Pants waist: 37"

          Inseam: 28" with 1.5" cuff so up to 3.5" to let out



            Those pants are huge! Waaaayyy too big for me.



              Put a few more things up, some tonight, some scheduled to start Tuesday:

              Several ties including a wool tweed Orvis, 2 Zegna, a Brioni, a vintage HF, and a vintage Aquascutum

              The excellent XL Pendleton wool button down with a brown prince of wales pattern with a red overcheck

              a very nice 42L Hickey Freeman grey with pinstripes suit

              a size L Blarney Woolen Mills Aran handknit fisherman's sweater, brown, made in Ireland




                Please send me pics of the 42L Hickey Freeman with pinstripes(esp the pants)! I'll email you!

                I read that the pants are pleated - is there a way to remove them? I like flat front.



                  It's up on eBay here:


                  I know you guys like flat front, but I promise you won't want flat front on suit pants that sit above your hips.



                    I did go to the eBay page, but I can't get a good bead on the pants. What do you mean by "you won't want flat front on suit pants that sit above your hips"? I wear my pants(flatfront) below my hip bones. What is the fit of the suit? I went on their website and the new ones are all tapered and slim fit. Do you think it'll fit me? I'll copy them here:

                    I measure 48" across the shoulders and 36(my mom usually brings it in a an inch or so) where I wear my pants(I thought I wear 42L 0.o).

                    Shirt is 16.5 34/35(my tailor says I really need 35/36, but it's too long). I appreciate you reading my other threads. Some info from those are that I basically have to have a Calibrate slim fit shirt(not trim) and Express Extra slim fit brought in at the waist at least 1.25", if not more. Chest is left alone.

                    Shoulder to shoulder is ~18.5.

                    The only dealbreaker for me is the lapels; I feel that they're too wide, especially relative to my one and only suit I own now, which has slim lapels(nearly touches corner of chest pocket).



                      I need to update something. I think I wear a 40L, which totally threw me for a loop for the past 20 mins. I had to check all these pictures and whatnot and realized that the two 40 jackets I bought from GW fit so well in the shoulders for a reason(I thought it was just padding).



                        What I mean is that most suit pants are higher rise and sit above your hips. Flat fronts on those kinds of pants will be uncomfortable to sit in. Low rise flat front pants in a suit look odd to me... like a blazer and semi casual trousers made of the same material.

                        I got a Hickey Freeman staple white dress shirt size 16.5-35 today if you're interested... You'd probably have to get the sides brought in though, just a guess from the usual HF cut.



                          I'm confused x] When did I say I wear my pants super low? I only have flat fronts and it's all I've ever worn. They usually sit on my hip bones and only a few inches under my navel(I wear my jeans at least 5 inches below my navel).

                          Here are some pics pre-alteration of my shirt:



                          I'm just confused about why you brought that up?



                            My suit pants sit 2-3 inches higher than jeans or my regular trousers. Pants with a lower rise that fit lower are good, to me, with a flat front. Pants that sit up at your natural waist are, to me, better with pleats (forward pleats preferably) because it lets them give you some space in the groin when you sit down and stand up. I guess that could be a matter of opinion but I'd be interested to see how the physics of that work.



                              Just thought I'd point out that I still have the blazer + 2 sportcoats for $60 if anyone is a 40R who wants them... I need to get some stuff out of my house



                                Here's the pics:



                                Brooks Brothers suede oxfords, 11.5 D

                                Allen Edmonds Globetrotters, 11.5 C

                                Ferragamo horsebit loafers, 11.5 B (don't feel quite that narrow... more like a C)

                                Allen Edmonds Standish Monkstraps, 11D

                                Allen Edmonds Berwick tassel loafers, 11 D

                                Quoddy blucher mocs, 10.5M

                                Florsheim Made in Italy tassel loafers, 10.5M

                                Florsheim penny loafers, 10.5M

                                HS Trask buffalo leather penny loafers, 10M