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Jason's deal thread - before it goes on eBay

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    Jason's deal thread - before it goes on eBay

    First of all, if you see anything I have listed on eBay that you want, email me at jcarreira AT gmail dot com :

    If you see anything I list here that you want pics or measurements of, speak up and I'll put them up


    Stuff I have going up soon:

    Hickey Freeman 42S charcoal suit with gold pinstripes

    Hickey Freeman 42R charcoal glenplaid suit with red overcheck

    Brooks Brothers 41R sportcoat, dark tan with red, blue & teal overcheck

    Hickey Freeman tweed-looking sportcoat 40L

    Brooks Brothers grey flannel pants, 33x31

    Brooks Brothers 346 Brown flannel pants, 35x31 (fully lined)

    Hickey Freeman made in Italy brown wool twill pants, 35x29 (very nice)

    Hickey Freeman sportcoat, brown and blue glen plaid, 48R

    Hickey Freeman sportcoat, british tan w/ red and blue overcheck, silk & wool blend, 50R

    Allen Edmonds Newport black tassel loafers, size 10.5D, very good condition

    Ballys Continentals loafers, 9.5, good condition

    From my collection:

    Camel blazer, thrifted NWT, worn 3 times total, in like new shape, 40R

    LL Bean chino blazer, 40R

    Walter Morton (Hickey Freeman) navy blazer w/ brass buttons, fits around 39R-40R. A bit older and worn, but a solid piece and I'll let it go cheap.



      So you're a 40R? Darn... You always find the best stuff, but you'll end up keeping all the cool stuff in my size... 40R.



        Well, those are good ones... I just have another navy blazer and camel / khaki don't look good on me. Plus, my closet is pretty full



          I'm just giving you a hard time. :-) Just for the sake of clarification, though... Is that a camel hair blazer or camel colored blazer? I'm figuring you mean camel colored.



            Both 100% camel hair from a shop in NYC... Original tag was like $185



              How much are you asking for the 40R jackets? They sound nice!



                $30 shipped for the camel hair

                $25 shipped for the Walter Morton

                $15 shipped for the LL Bean

                $5 off per coat after the 1st, so $60 for all 3



                  I'm interested. Do you have any pictures?



                    The camel coat, when I got it originally with tags, Pics 70-72

                    The other two, Pics 370-374



                      That Harris Tweed overcoat is seriously bad ass. Really wish it was my size. im a 41-42R so keep me in mind if you ever see another



                        Haha, yeah... I might have kept it if it were that size. The sleeves were way short on me and it was too tight, though.



                          Any way a tailor could lengthen the sleeves on that Tweed Overcoat about 2 inches?

                          Also how much are the BB flannel pants and could you post a pic?



                            I don't think you could extend the sleeves easily because of how the cuff is done.

                            Here's pics:

                            I could do $25 shipped



                              Going up tonight:

                              Hickey Freeman 44-46R with Loro Piana Super 120's fabric, grey glenplaid with blue windowpane

                              Hickey Freeman 42S grey with gold pinstripe

                              Polo RL green flannel 40S suit

                              NWT Canali Proposta EU 54 / US 44 sportcoat

                              and relisting some other stuff... Put up some ties too