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New Armani Suit for sale

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    New Armani Suit for sale

    Hey fellas. I have this suit sitting on my closet for nearly two years. It was a gift from my aunt & uncle who got it for me when I got a job at a firm. Unfortunately they bought it two sizes larger. I couldn't bring myself to give it away back then but really could never fit into it obviously so it just sat there. It's an Armani Collezioni wool suit. Its made in Italy. Great looking charcoal with thin pinstripes. It's 3 button and double vented. Its brand new with tags and even the vents are still sewed in place. Absolutely new and no damage whatsoever. There's no working button holes so there won't be any problem adjusting the sleeves if need be.

    I've never sold anything on Ebay just because I don't really want to deal with the hassle. But then again I've never tried it. I'm bringing this suit here first to see if anyone's interested. The suit is a size 40R. I'm selling it at $350. It's really a bargain price compared to how much they retail. Which is about $1,800. I won't take anything less since it's already a low price for such a suit. The price above doesn't include shipping which will depend where you're at. If anyone's interested let me know. I'll take some pictures of it so you can see how it looks. Any questions also just holler and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

    Thanks guys and take care.


    CHEST: 43"

    SHOULDER: 18 1/2"




    You'll want to take pics whether you're looking to sell it here or eBay. =)



      Alright here's a couple..

      I'm not much of a photographer but hopefully this works. I'll post up some more, I just wanted to test this out.



        It looks like it's just my size... If only I were in the market for a suit, I'd be all over this.



          The photo on the second one really describes the color much better. The lighting was horrible on the first picture. But the second, although a bit blurry, really describes the color pretty good. Also, if you look closely you can appreaciate the high armholes on the second photo too. It won't need much tailoring, if any, if the dimensions above fit your body.

          Here are a couple more:

          (a close up of the fabric and tags)

          (The sweet lining)

          I really wish this would fit me, but I'm a 37 so no way I would ever fit here. I'm gonna leave it on here for a week or so if anyone's interested. And if you guys need more photos of anywhere in the suit just let me know and I'll post them up.



            @Alan I hear you man. Its really an item that someone would only get if he needs to you know? Its the quintessential gray suit. Sucks that you don't need one right now though.



              That's a high quality item. For those who don't go and look at nice suits a lot, take a look at the edges of the pockets, lapels, etc. That's hand-stitched pick stitching. Are the sleeve buttons functional?

              If I hadn't just gotten myself an Oxxford suit I'd be jumping on this. Of course, if you want to trade, I've got lots of stuff, including this Hickey Freeman 37:




                I just concluded a shopping spree. If this had been mentioned 3 weeks ago, I would have bought it. Now there's nothing left in the budget. :-(



                  @Jason. Thanks for the offer but I already have a couple of gray suits and they're in pretty good condition. (one i just got off suit supply less than a month ago) Either way I'm about 17 1/2" from the shoulders so that's why I've never really got any HF, although I love the quality of their product. What I do need is a light gray sportcoat(if you hear of any). I do want that green knit tie you're selling but I guess it's better if I just buy that off you.



                    I'm pretty interested, hoping I can determine if it fits me before your ebay sale runs out.



                      Unfortunately going to have to pass on this one, my measurements are just too far off to justify it. I don't think you're going to have a hard time selling it though. Best of luck!



                        You should be able to sell it on eBay or the StyleForum



                          @kenneth thanks for checking out my suit man. Its a shame that its not your size. Just remember that the dimensions I put up there are of the jacket itself. I don't know what size you are but they're not going to match your body dimensions. If you have a well fitting jacket already, I suggest measuring that and comparing it to the measurements above. Anyways, maybe you already knew that but just to make sure.

                          @kmarizo thanks for the advice man. I will most likely end up doing that. But I wanted to give first dibs to the folks here since I've been a long time reader of dappered and although I've barely posted in the threads I plan on doing more of it when I can. Just because the guys here are really cool peeps and I relate to them more than on styleforum.



                            Hey guys I just posted the suit on Ebay, in case any of you are still interested.