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LEC Chino Blazer 46-

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    LEC Chino Blazer 46-

    Hey just bought one of LEC's chino blazers size 46, and frankly, tried on J. Crew's (more expensive) twill blazer and liked the fit better, but am past the return deadline for the LEC blazer, so someone gets it for a steal. Never worn, just missing tags. I'll do $50, shipped, or best offer.

    this is what it is:


    What was the deadline? I thought LE / LEC allowed returns at any time.



      Yeah dude. LEC returns to any sears, whenever. I've done 6month returns.



        Umm, maybe it's a Miami thing, but I took it to a Sears and they said they couldn't take it back because they don't carry men's Land's End stuff (and no LEC at all). So, sale's still on.




          Here's a Sears in Miami that has a Lands End section. They should take all your returns:

          Lands' End Shop at Sears

          International Mall

          1625 Nw 107Th Ave

          Miami, FL 33172



          Otherwise, yeah... I received the same blazer for Christmas. The arms were long on me.



            Yeah I used LE's store locator, too. That's actually the exact one I went to. no dice. It doesn't help anything that I don't have the tags or receipt, as I didn't realize I wanted to return it until I tried the JCrew one. Thanks for the help, though, guys.



              Don't give up on the return. You can log into your account online and print the order details from your order history. If you placed the order over the phone, just call Lands End and have them look up your order number. All you need is an order number. You can even bring it to them in a handwritten piece of paper...I've done this with no issues. If that store is giving you problems, then call Lands End directly and they will take care of you. They have excellent customer service, as highlighted on the main Dappered site yesterday by Joe.



                Also, if they know what they're doing, they can actually look up the sku sewn into the tag on the jacket. Along with your credit card, they can look up your transaction. I know this from experience since LE online purchases don't have price tags on them. And if they can't do it, they can get someone on the phone at LE who can...

                Unless they're just idiots or just don't care enough to try...



                  That's what I mean by a Miami thing... I'll think I'll just try doing it over the phone/mail. Thanks again, guys.