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    I emailed them about it this morning. Here's what they said:

    Hey Jason,

    We do still have a referral program, but we had to take down the link because we found that it was being used improperly at times. The process now is that your friends can place their first order of $100 or more, then either call or email us to let us know that you referred them. At that point, we’ll refund $50 to their credit card and drop $50 in your store credit. Make sure to let them know that we can’t double up on codes, though—so they shouldn’t use a different code to place this order.

    Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

    And thanks for spreading the good word for us!




    So you can go ahead and order and, if you want, tell them I sent ya



      Do they always sign off email with "Pants?" Or does each ninja have a different article of clothing? I once had a professor who closed his emails with "Soon," and I always chose to look at that as a bit pretentious of him (but I also didn't like the guy).



        Sounds passive aggressive too - like "thanks in advance" for having to stay an extra 3 hours at work finishing what I was supposed to do yesterday.

        Jason - I will be sure to...whenever I eventually order. =)