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Jos A Bank, 100% wool suits from $89; sportcoats $49, etc

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    Just to add my 2 cents to the original point: I just got a JAB slim fit suit for Xmas - I believe it was the signature line, but don't remember for sure. I got a laugh out of the ~$900 price tag still attached to it when it was mailed to me vs. the receipt in the box showing the sale price was $178.

    In any case, I would never have bought a JAB of my own accord - my blazers are Ludlow and I was planning on picking up a Suit Supply suit this spring. I have to say, I'm a bit impressed with the JAB. Material is perfectly decent, lining much nicer than anything at Macys, etc. I haven't gotten it tailored yet, but here's the fit:

    I'm 6 foot, 178, broad shoulders / athletic. I got a 38R slim fit. The shoulders fit very well, albeit with more padding than I would prefer. The armholes drop too low, and this is the worst part of the fit, imo. The stomach / top button (two button suit) is tight, but only by 1/2 inch or so. Overall, with minimal tailoring I think the jacket will wear nicely, although the armhole thing is annoying. The pants (6inch drop, so they are 32's unhemmed) are TIGHT. Not "cool" tight, "tight" tight. Pockets stick out they are so tight. So I will see what my tailor says but may have to try to exchange them for a different size. I wear slim pants from J Crew / Factory / Bonobos every day (32 / 32) and haven't had this problem, so be forewarned. That said, and to the extent that I can judge a pair of pants that don't really fit me, they are well made and cut. From the thighs down, they fit very nicely.

    In any case, I wouldn't have made this purchase myself, but I think there is definitely some value in these suits for everyday wear - I think they are better quality than Macy's brands (DKNY at Macy's isn't bad though - I had a couple of those). Not sure how they'd compare to Factory Thompson or Combatant Gent as I haven't had the pleasure.
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      This thread compelled me to register, so first post. Never shopped at JAB before, but I visited one today after being prompted by a family member about the "best sale in years". A quick web site check showed all sorts of $39 and $49 items on their web site. But wow was it disappointing. First of all, nothing was marked, so it was impossible to tell what was on sale without cross referencing the website. And the store clerks were absolutely no help. I know some people are saying the quality is ok, but everything I tried on felt really cheap with low quality wool that I can't imagine wears well. To the posts above comparing to Brooks Brothers, I've never seen items this low quality in a real BB store, just 346 outlet stuff.

      I suppose JAB has a place for people looking to pickup 3-4 suits quickly and cheaply.


        Originally posted by Shade View Post
        It's funny that Jos A Bank gets such a hard time. Their suits and shirts are of the same quality as Brooks Brothers yet BB is put on a much higher pedestal imo. I love JAB. Thanks for the heads up.
        I couldn't disagree any more.

        The fabric and especially the cut at BB is superior, and you pay for it.
        JAB is great if you love poly blends, low arm holes, strong shoulders, and most importantly a low price point.

        They aren't at the same price point because one is a premium product (and you will pay a premium price for it). They are apples and oranges.
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          Yeah, the biggest issue with JAB is low arm holes and big shoulders, even on the slim fits. There's just about nowhere else you can get a half-canvassed suit for $300, but that's what you have to deal with.


            Originally posted by 850csi View Post
            There's just about nowhere else you can get a half-canvassed suit for $300, but that's what you have to deal with.
            Jcrew on sale
            Suitsupply Outlet

            Picked up the Navy Loro Piana Super 120s JCrew Suit/Pants for $330 less than a week ago.


              Originally posted by LesserBlackDog View Post
              The majority (maybe the entirety?) of Brooks Brothers' mainline suits are canvassed or half-canvassed and made in the US.

              The majority of J.A.Bank's suits are fused and imported from third world countries. JAB's Signature, Signature Gold, and Platinum lines may be better-constructed, but they also retail for $1300 and up.

              Brooks Brothers is not a true "luxury suit maker" by any stretch, but their product is markedly superior to just about anything else in the <$1k price range, with the exception of Suitsupply. J.A.Bank makes low-end budget suits, pure and simple. Their perpetual sale prices reflect the actual value of their mainline suits, which is maybe $100-200.

              Brooks Brothers' and J.A.Bank's suits and shirts are only "pretty much the same" if you consider "stuff you wear that's made out of cloth" to qualify as "pretty much the same."
              I can't like this post on.


                I like to see things for myself, so I have a few Jos A Bank suits and sportcoats in the mail. I will probably find tags inside that say '40% wool 60% poly' even though the website said 'wool,' or find horrible fit, but at $89 you can't not try them on.


                  I have gone into my local Jos A Bank store many times, mostly because it is one of the first stores you pass by when entering the mega mall. I have tried to like the suits enough to buy them, but every time I walk out empty handed. The suits sell for about $100 because they are worth that much, and not any more than that. I understand that there is a market for those suits, as not everyone has the money to pay $1,000 or even $500 for a suit. When I was in college, I had to buy suits at the Merry go Round store and J R Riggins (remember them ?) But now that I am working and wear suits regularly, I have to step it up, which means no JAB suits


                    Wow, got a few today. The tropical weave linen/silk is horrible. The signature wool feels nice enough. Sadly all of them are boxy sacks with football pad shoulders. Real weird construction and cut. All are going back.