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Yogi says this is free money, which is just as good as cash. Bonobos grouponish.

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    Yogi says this is free money, which is just as good as cash. Bonobos grouponish.

    bonobos on groupon (this one happens to be in minneapolis, but it doesn't matter; it's not available in every market it seems) DISCLOSURE--IF A COUPLE OF YOU BUY THROUGH THIS REFERRAL LINK, I GET MINE FREE (at least, i think so...i get something). If that's up your alley, get on it: Bonobos 60-for-120

    and, the bonobos on junglecents that Joe mentioned the other day is still going on, also 30 for 60: not sure if this is a referral link or not...they don't seem to do it like groupon does...anyway: JungleCents

    so...that's 60 for 120...when you get the codes emailed to you (junglecents is immediate, groupon typically comes in the next day), go to bonobos, log in, go to 'my account' at the top, then on the left side you'll see "gift certificate." Click that, input the code you get emailed into the resultant box, hit 'redeem,' and badda bing, you have store credit. When you go to pay later, you just select store credit as your payment option and you're golden.

    Only way you can lose is:

    1) you don't spend all of your groupon/jc're a weird person, and should be browsing different forums, I think.

    2) bonobos goes out of business before you spend your're screwed, unless you can negotiate a bailout. If you can do that, you probably know Timmy Geithner. If you know Timmy G, kick him in the nuts from me.

    I just did both of these within the last 20 minutes, and already have both codes input into bonobos with a new $120 credit. To get the groupon code, you sign on to groupon, go to 'my groupons,' click on the 'print' button, copy the code, input as above...badda bing.


    So are the codes regional because I can only get $30 for $60. Not that I'm complaining and thanks for the heads up.



      Sorry, I did mistype. It's two 30 for 60 deals. 60 for 120 total.



        Yeah, thats typically what I do with mine.

        Interesting note: I had $17 left on a Groupon that expired in mid-summer, but I was able to redeem it for store credit in October. It appears they don't regularly de-activate their groupon codes so if you have old Groupons/deal vouchers, try to use those as well.



          I've been trying for the last couple days to get the junglecents one to work, but it hasn't yet. I haven't bought anything from Groupon before - is there any chance the code could come in the same day?



            Strange. Worked fine for me. Mac/Firefox. I got JC code emailed within 2 minutes...groupon took maybe 5 to get access to code.



              JungleCents never worked for me either. I got the Groupon. I don't have anything I want to get there right this minute, so the $60 is enough for me.



                Alright, I think I'll go with the groupon and just hope the item I want doesn't sell out before I get the code.



                  has anyone tried using a promotional code at checkout along with the store credits?

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                    Yeah, it works fine. Go on and first apply the Groupon / JungleCents as a gift certificate under "My Account" then you'll have the store credit and you can use that when you check out.



                      Got my junglecents email in minutes. Stacked it with Facebook40 to pick up some Sebago docksides for the price of the junglecents certificate



                        What are the terms of the Facebook40?

                        I can never get it to work!



                          I think Facebook40 is only for your initial purchase, just like first50.

                          Venti still works though



                            facebook30 is another option, btw. didn't know about 'venti'...there's almost always a 20% off code somewhere.



                              Does anyone know when Bonobos is going to do another Living Social, JungleCents, or Groupon deal. Need to get some stuff for Spring, but I am not up for paying full price.