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JoS A Bank Sale Today Only

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    JoS A Bank Sale Today Only

    Merino Wool or Cotton Sweaters $30

    Tailored Wool Pants $47

    Shoe Trees 3 for $31 shipped (my fav)

    They're not too popular among the Dappered crowd but the shoe trees are probably the greatest value you can find outside of Nordstrom Rack.


    Where are these shoe trees you speak of?



      ahhh deal of the DAY ...damn



        Can't comment on JAB clothes, but I have a few of their shoe trees, and they're worth $10. They're not split toe if you're looking for that, but they get the job done. I've also heard their cedar hangers are a good buy as well. The 3-for-1 type sales come up often, so just hang tight until the next one if you're interested.



          Oh JAB; what has happened to you. Years ago it was the place to go for high end men's clothing. They had one sale a year and sold quality goods. I remember my uncle buying a leather jacket for $600 and to this day it still looks like new 10+ years later.

          Now they have a sale every week and the quality is crap.



            Have a sale EVERYDAY and their quality is crap. I am glad to hear that they used to be quality though, I have seen a lot of older JAB suits at thrifts that are made in USA, and wondered about the quality.



              Got 6 shoe trees. One pair had a dud - the spring mechanism wouldn't contract...but overall pleased for $10 a pair incl tax/shipping.



                Unfortunately I'm a little too young and my build is too slim to really get the most out of a JAB sale. But with that said, I think they offer some pretty decent stuff.

                Their dress shirts, pants, bow ties, etc. when discounted seem to be a very nice value. A lot of their patterns & designs are down right beautiful. With a little magic from a tailor, they ought to be "Dapper approved".



                  I second the shoe trees there, the lack of a split down the middle is a negative but the cedar scent is nice (no scent on the DSW or Nordstrom Rack ones I have). The last time I bought three (same deal) one of them arrived with a split down the toe; exchanged it in store without issues.

                  While there I bought some pocket squares 3 for 1. Agree that they have cool patterns on accessories. I wanted to snag a bowtie for $18 and noticed a ship date of 02/14/12?


                  Anyone have experience with their traveler tailored-fit items?

                  My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs



                    @YackoYak All cedar products need to be renewed every once in a while, because the cedar oil drys out on the top of the wood. If you can't smell the cedar any more, lightly rub fine sandpaper over the cedar a little to strip off the top layer of the wood to get to a part of the wood that still has cedar oil/smell.



                      I just bought some shoe trees at the Rack before I happened upon the 3 for 1 sale at JAB this past weekend. Ordered 6 shoe trees, with the intention of returning the ones from the Rack but that lack of a split down the middle is a serious negative for me since it prevents me from using them in some shoes.

                      They're going back and I'm going to keep the ones from Nordstrom.