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Bonobos Cyber Monday "Rain Check" = potentially insane deals w/ Living Social,

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    Zach for the referral you have to email them another customer's name who referred you to get the $50.

    You can use my name if you would like or someone else's as long as they are a Bonobos customer and it will work.

    Jason, if you have never gotten the referral you can email them as well, they will apply it even if it's not your first order as long as you have never used it before. The $50 is actually store credit that works in conjunction with other discounts!



      "I got in there and was trying to check out and suddenly FACEBOOK40 stopped working"

      I believe you can only use a code once per account. If you previously used FACEBOOK40, it was probably deactivated when you logged in.



        I dunno... It was working and showing the discount applied until I went to check out.



          Sal, I did email them with your name, and haven't heard back. Things started disappearing quickly, like the Grensons I had in my cart and went to checkout with, but they sold out before I clicked finalized order, so I decided to place my order and then sort out the referral afterwards. FACEBOOK40 did work for me, so hopefully after everything is sorted, I get a GANT Harrington for 29$.



            FACEBOOK40 I believe is based on the price of the item? I was able to use the code on the Flison Kettle boots.

            If not theres also FACEBOOK30 that should work on everything



              I just added some of the flannel-lined chinos (Jigsaw) to the cart and FACEBOOK40 applied a discount.

              I just got my first order from them in the mail yesterday and I am absolutely thrilled at the quality and fit. With this discount code it looks like I'll be making another order.

              I gotta say, Bonobos has this marketing thing right. Their clothes are amazing (so far), they have fun marketing (ninjas, et cetera), great service, and amazing discounts (got the $50 off first order plus living social before, now gonna use the 40% off). They may not make a bunch of money on me from the first two orders, but they'll definitely win-out in the long run.