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Bonobos Cyber Monday "Rain Check" = potentially insane deals w/ Living Social,

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    Bonobos Cyber Monday "Rain Check" = potentially insane deals w/ Living Social,

    On the front page of right now is the following:

    " is experiencing technical issues that prevent us from offering the service level you deserve. We're truly sorry for that. Instead of asking you to spend time today wrangling with a broken website, we're offering a rain check on our Cyber Monday discounts. When we get things sorted, we'll shoot you an email offering the same great discounts."

    Good on them to make up for the cyber disaster that was their website yesterday. You sign up for the rain check by entering your email.

    Since the Living Social deal became active today, you should be able to use that once the rain check kicks in.

    You can get the Living Social $25 for $50 credit until Thursday at

    Also, more codes posted by nix7 should stack:

    We could be looking at some insane deals once Bonobos gets their act together.


    John, I've never seen a retailer post an image of a model with his pants down before. I wonder why they had that image available.



      Apparently it's their default "we f-ed up" image. I guess so you won't get mad at them because they are funny?? That's what popped up on the site yesterday with something like "Oops, you caught us with our pants down, site unavailable". It doesn't make as much (any?) sense with "rain check"... I agree it's a little strange.



        I'm really happy they did this. Last night I tried getting a sport coat and pair of shoes with a 30% code given to me by a ninja and $255 of store credit I had from some groupons. The shoes went out of stock in the middle of my transaction so the order failed, but I didn't get that $255 back in my store credit. Obviously I sent the guy I was in contact with a message about it, but I haven't had back from him yet. So hopefully I can sit on this raincheck until my return goes through and I'll be able to get over $700 worth of stuff without another cent coming out of my pocket.



          Has anyone been able to get on their site today?






              For those who got their orders in, anyone know if anything is shipping yet?

              Got my order in and it was listed as 'On Hold'. A Ninja bumped it up yesterday to 'Processing' for me and said it should be on its way shortly. No way to check since the website has been down all day. I think when I ordered it originally stated delivery by Friday, but I was just curious if stuff is moving out or if they're in gridlock.



                Ok, the site is back up with Cyber Monday pricing. It's not very stable and is going down now and then, but I was able to get 2 orders in. I didn't get the "rain check" email yet, so hurry before everyone gets their email and the site probably crashes again. You can get $75 worth of sale-priced stuff for $25. Here's how:

                1. Get the Living Social $25 for $50 (here if you don't have it: )

                2. Add $75 worth of stuff into your cart

                3. Use code METRO25 to take $25 off $75

                4. Apply your Living Social code to cover the remaining $50

                Many of the washed chinos are priced at $74.80 to, so that looks like a good pick. (You can use the Living Social credit even if the after coupon total is less than $50.) Their denim can be had for around $62.



                  I just got a ton of stuff. With a 30% off code and a ton of groupons and the aforementioned living social deal, I got $747 worth of pants, shirts, a blazer, and sunglasses for only $252.50. Awesome. Hopefully I was right on my shirt and non-jeans size, otherwise I'm going to be returning a ton of stuff.



                    Had some Grensons in my cart, was going to get them out the door for the price of my Living Social deal, and they ran out of stock by the time I went to checkout..



                      FACEBOOK40 still worked for me. Grand total on a pair of jeans came to $42.50.



                        I got in there and was trying to check out and suddenly FACEBOOK40 stopped working... Dropped the Sebago Docksiders, used the Metro25 code, and got a pair of "The Fundamentals" navy wool for $62, which was less than my store credit. Still just over 30% off.



                          I'm not sure how much facebook40 gets you off, but I know that BETTERFIT worked as of 30 minutes ago (20% off)



                            I'm not exactly sure how the referral code is supposed to work - 50$ off first 100$ purchase. I've never bought anything from them but the referral code doesn't seem to be activated. Will they refund me the extra 50$ once they see my email?



                              @ZachL email the ninja's and ask them to send you the code. It's a checkout code that will take $50 off. Depending on how much you're ordering one of the other codes might save you more than $50.