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Allen Edmonds After Thanksgiving Sale

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    Allen Edmonds After Thanksgiving Sale

    Allen Edmonds is having in-store sales at their stores and outlets. If you don't live by an outlet you can order over the phone or via email.

    I received this information from Edward Wickham of the Freeport, Maine store. It might be nice if you purchased items from his store if you're going to take advantage of this sale.

    Edward Wickham

    Allen Edmonds Freeport


    [email protected]


    Thanksgiving weekend 11/24 – 11/28

    Save 50-60% on select styles

    Big Sky and Helena $49 (60% off of $125)

    Hastings black $129 (60% off $325)

    Cortland black $129 (60% off $325)

    Make ups at $162.50 (Parkland, Milford, Wendell, Burton, Fairfax, Hinsdale (50% off $325)

    Winthrop 1st Q $87.50 (50% off $175)

    San Marco factory seconds $117 (50% off $234)

    Boots factory seconds 50% off

    · Cascade and Ashbury $117

    · Fifth Street and Bayfield $139.50

    · Dalton $149.50

    · Malvern $129.50


    Thanks for the heads up. I picked up a pair of Bayfields. Fingers crossed.



      I hope they're having these deals after new years when I might be able to take advantage of them



        Are shoes from AE outlets returnable or is this a one-time shot in the dark with sizing?



          WesMan, outlets are just AE's name for larger AE stores. I have returned and exchanged from outlets.



            Thanks bruschetta--what about shipping? As I don't have one nearby think I could do exchanges via mail? Also, any clue as to how consistent different shoes fit on the same last? For instance, I'm interested in one of the boots--I know my local men's store doesn't carry it, but if I went in and sized on a different shoe on the same last, think I'd be in the clear?



              WesMan, I've exchanged via mail. You just mail them back with a note saying that you'd like a different size.



                Well, I couldn't justify more shoes right now, but I did get some cashmere lined leather gloves from their site. $49 is a good price for them and I needed some brown ones.



                  @Jason, are these the same gloves? If so, they're $39 now...How do you like yours? I was tempted to get similar gloves from Lands' End with the 40% code but ended up resisting, but I would assume the AE version have nicer leather. I see that they're imported though, any issues with quality?

                  Also, more general question, any conventions on brown vs black for dress gloves?



                    Yep, those are the same. I love mine. The leather is really soft and molds smoothly over your fingers. Looks really classy.

                    The convention is to match your leathers... brown shoes, brown belt, brown gloves