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Beckett Simonon now has a Goodyear-Welted collection

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    Originally posted by nicholas View Post
    I just have to personal questions that pop up on my head recently:

    1. If Beckett Simonon operated as a “traditional retail” brand. By traditional I mean that worked with retailers and distributors. And given that our wholesale price is $135 and retailer markup is 2.5X, the price to consumer at the retailer store would be $337. Would you guys think differently about our products in that case? I mean just for the fact of paying more buying exactly the same product?
    The reason I'm hesitant to immediately class Beckett Simonon's GYW collection with AEs has less to do with price, and more to do with reputation. For one thing, I can't walk into a brick-and-mortar Beckett Simonon store, try on a pair, and attempt to judge the quality. I also have little to no evidence that the shoe is *actually* worth 337 dollars, or is even a good value at 135 dollars. As a consumer, I am afraid of, shall we say in market analysis terms, "purchasing a lemon". (Beware, for this gets very econ-y and theoretical from this point on). Furthermore, in cases of asymmetric information (where YOU know the true quality of your good, but I do not, and I, as the consumer, cannot necessarily take the word of you, the producer, as true due to an incentive on your part to lie), the consumer is usually dependent on "signaling." An example would be advertising. For instance, if you paid millions of dollars for an ad to convince me to buy a pair of shoes, I could be reasonably confident that the shoes were of sufficient quality that were reflected in your price. The reason for this is that hugely expensive ads are not profitable if they only bring in one-time customers, but they ARE if they bring in customers who become repeat customers due to superior product. However, you also refuse to advertise. While I understand that helps you lower prices, that also takes away your ability to signal a quality good.

    To summarize the lengthy attempt at econ, I (or rather, the consumer in general) simply cannot be sure that your shoes are as good as you say they are. There are no brick and mortar stores, and the baseline reputation isn't there. (As an example, I can't scroll through over a page of menswear posts or articles without running into Allen Edmonds or Aldens; brands like Loake and Churchs have many many reviews all over the Internet; that sort of confirmation just doesn't yet exist for Beckett Simonon.)

    Also, while your warranty is a step in the right direction, it is not necessarily perfect, and it is a relatively weak signal. While you guarantee against "material and work defects," you don't guarantee against "normal wear and tear." Now, I understand why that is (I mean, some people might walk in the rain everyday and consider that "normal wear and tear", but a leather sole would not hold up, as bruschetta mentioned), some could argue that Aldos fall apart due to normal wear and tear as well, not necessarily due to "material defects" (it's their standard material... it just so happens that that material SUCKS). "Defective" implies lower quality than the average Beckett Simonon shoe; IF the Beckett Simonon shoe were to be of poor quality, it might fall apart right away without being defective.

    And to actually answer your question, I believe your pricing point helps you, not hurts you. While luxury shoes probably are in part a price-imparts-status phenomenon, they are certainly not that way to the degree of something like a Bugatti, and not enough to counteract the law of demand and reach Veblen status. Raising your prices would not help. In fact, the main thing BS has going for it right now is that even if it is a slight "leap of faith", per se, to purchase this untested pair of shoes, at least it's for a relatively small sum. If you were priced at 337, I would simply choose to buy the proven AEs instead.

    And on a final note, while I certainly respect what you're trying to do with the "person referral" effect, to achieve mass market penetration in that manner takes a very long time, if it ever happens.

    (Also please understand that I am trying to show the thought process of a skeptical consumer from an economic standpoint; I am NOT in any way saying that Beckett Simonon shoes are not of the quality that you say they are. I am simply trying to illustrate why we doubt your products in a way that we don't doubt AEs. And also illustrate that marking up your prices is a bad, bad idea :P)

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    either Cal or standford.
    I was deliberately being vague and nondescript as I don't really like to "brag" about where I'm going to school, but you:
    a) misspelled my school name :P
    b) offend me by considering that lesser school! (no offense to any Cal grads, but I'm obligated to defend my side of the rivalry!)
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      With some code I had or other, pulled the trigger on the double monk straps. Don't have a pair, and at that price, just over 100, why not? Only
      Issue is waiting till late November


        Looking forward to hearing how you like them!


          Gentlemen, I just wanted to share a review about our goodyear welted line. It's by Derek from Put This On. It's great to hear an informed opinion.


            any new reviews or updates of BS?