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Nordy Rack: looks like they just got a bunch of leftovers from the recent sale

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    Nordy Rack: looks like they just got a bunch of leftovers from the recent sale

    Stopped at Nordstrom Rack yesterday and saw quite a few new goodies in the shoe section. They usually have a handful of AEs and TBNYs which just don't seem to sell (AE: Big Sur, Fairfax, Hastings - TBNY: wingtip, cap-toe, sorry don't recall the style names of these). However, yesterday I saw some new additions to the racks, which I presume is some overflow from the recent Men's sale, right? Reason I say that is I saw some AE Player's and some of that dark brown suede TBNY wingtip blucher too, both of these having been on the regular Nordstrom's clearance racks during the Men's sale last month.

    Anyway, here's a quick summary of the "new" AE stuff that I saw yesterday:
    • Parkway (very dark brown leather split-toe blucher) - these suckers are lonnnnnnnnnnnnnng!
    • Hinsdale (dark brown leather wingtip blucher)
    • Madison Ave (both black and medium brown leather cap-toe blucher) - this brown is the one I have and love
    • New Orleans (walnut leather cap-toe blucher) - looks to me to be the Maddy Ave with that weave/mesh section instead - gonna keep a lookout for this one in *my* size ($170)
    • McGraw (walnut/tan leather penny-loafer)
    • Player's Shoe (black leather wingtip blucher) - gonna keep a watch for the suede version, either chocolate brown or sand, in *my* size (these were $170 now, weren't they like $230 or so in the regular Nord sale?)
    • Lubbock (chestnut? leather single monk)
    • and oddly enough a single solitary pair of Kenilworths (the most-common dark/burnished brown leather version) - hmmnnn.... why? (BTW, it was $170 too)

    Also saw several new (to me, at least) styles/offerings from TBNY:
    • a cognac leather medallion'd cap-toe double-monk ($150)
    • a chocolate brown leather cap-toe double monk ($150)
    • a black leather Chelsea boot ($210 or so... too much)
    • a medium-brown pebble-grain leather plain-toe blucher
    • the aforementioned chocolate brown suede wingtip blucher ($130 now, what was it during the regular Men's sale?)

    Anyway, lot's of babbling there, but figured I'd pass along what looks to be a potential wave of newly-marked-down footwear options at your local Nordy Rack. Obviously YMMV with inventory at yours vs mine, and sizes are hit&miss.. usually miss in my experience, but might be worth a stop in to check the racks. I wonder how many more will trickle in there in the next few weeks, between the Men's sale from last month and the Anniversary sale this month. Hmmnn.... ?